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Monsanto and the Seeds of Suicide


Monsanto and the Seeds of Suicide

Vandana Shiva


Arby -
Well we read it here on CD. The future for the poor is so freaking grim. Maybe the future for our souls isn’t looking so great either? We can look back in history and wonder how was it that decent people could excuse slavery or colonialism and so forth.

It may be that we need only to look in our mirrors and ask ourselves how is it that such sadness and misery as this can exist in our our era? Our Monsanto in other words. Our culture. Our way of life.

Be proud that you are a progressive and function as a sane person in this screwed up world because the desperate in the world have only people like us, people with a heart and a soul to raise our educated and informed voices against such evils and hopefully cause change by bringing them to light.

The greatest gift between human beings is mercy.


The India government needs to kick out genetically engineered companies like Monsantos. They need to find all the farmers that have their seeds, collect those seeds and replace them with heirloom seeds without charging the poor farmers. That is the only way to save India. India needs to become an example to the world on how to deal with this devil. But we all have to realize the reason for this devil is man’s doing. We have polluted the oceans, sky and earth with our deadly chemicals. We treat animals with disrespect, even the animals we raise for food are treated unkindly. We kill animals not just for food but for money, decorations etc. We have lost respect to the earth. Now man is on the move to destroy himself. They say: what you send out returns to you. So this is what we are doing to ourselves. It is time to awake up. Creation and man are one. You can not harm her and expect yourself to do well. India knows the law of karma. Be a spiritual giant and show the world how to live.