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Monsanto Crops Pushing Monarch Butterfly to 'Verge of Extinction'

Monsanto Crops Pushing Monarch Butterfly to 'Verge of Extinction'

Herbicide-resistant genetically modified crops have brought the iconic monarch butterfly to the brink of extinction, according to a new report presented by the Center for Food Safety to Congress on Thursday.

The Monarch Butterfly is such a beautiful butterfly! It would be a real shame…and a crime if this beautiful species became extinct!

Tragically there is little chance of changing the farming practice - farmers themselves have little choice - almost all of the seed being “roundup ready”, and farmers no longer being able to raise and plant their own seed - they have to use the registered seeds Monsanto licensed company’s provide. That the adult monarch butterfly’s survive these crops is encouraging - and there needs to be some special areas of Milk-weed plantings set aside - in as many areas as possible to provide breeding grounds for the Butterfly’s. They migrate - and when I was kid - they came through by the thousands - now it’s something to remember and share with the family when one is spotted.

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Why would you count on our Republican Congress to help in any way.The House last week voted to terminate the Endangered Species Act!

Congress voted to end the Endangered Species Act"

Which is absolutely disgusting, imho.

There are groups in many many places that are engaged in habitat restoration.
Those that are restoring grassland prairie type environments got the message about sowing milkweed where feasible. I have some in my back yard; beautiful plant!

Well, you will NEVER see any legislation passed that will step on Monsanto’s toes if Hillary Clinton becomes president as she is intimately involved with Monsanto.

Probably the same with Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.

So, if we REALLY care about the planet, shouldn’t we find someone to run for president who will tell the truth to power?

I vote for drafting Chris Hedges to run as an Independent. With plenty of money bombs and a little organizing this summer we can get to the 15% polling to get him in the debates.

Honestly, just getting him in the debates would be enough for me. At this point I think there must be another voice added to the mix so the subject can at least get changed! God knows Jeb and Hillary would never think/say the things Chris Hedges would.

The American people need to be jolted out of their complacency and a good dose of truth is the way to do it.

An educated yet understandable comment that is well-stated/written…that I greatly appreciate. Would that the power-brokers (not only energy industry moguls but those in the political and corporate arenas) could see the problems and solutions so clearly!

I have planted a butterfly/bee/hummingbird friendly garden using heirloom seeds from flowering plant species that are indigenous to the area where I live. Every year the butterflies (Monarchs included) and hummingbirds return while the bees winter over in their natural hive next to my home. All my gardening is done organically that includes core-aerating the small grass yard area and hand-weeding what little weeds grow as a result of the core aeration, which has totally changed the area around my home (former owner used chemicals and herbicides). I also have four bird feeders with four bird seeds (and suet feeders) that attract a wide range of bird species with three birdbaths placed throughout the greenspace. With little extra effort, everyone can do their part to create natural spaces and provide organic foods/feeds, clean water for our fellow creatures whether winged or footed/hooved. The payoff for me is that I get to see all these lovely beings uncaged, free, and healthy. In addition, I regularly write my Senators and Reps both in the state and in Washington, D.C. urging them to do all in their power to protect our environment/species/planet.