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Monsanto Doctor Wanted to 'Beat the Sh*t Out of' Group of Mothers: Emails

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/monsanto-doctor-wanted-beat-sht-out-group-mothers-emails

Dear Owners: We can’t help but notice that for all of the verdicts against Monsanto for the glyphosate-containing Round-Up, why there it is, still on the shelves - in all of the stores that usually stock it.
It is well-known that a corporation’s insurer will pay the majority of any adverse award and, for good measure, that amount is tax-deductible to the corporation.


Bayer buys Monsanto and ends up with a big headache. Oh the irony!


Had to delete, don’t want to get into more trouble here at CD.

DDT is still being used in homes in Asia ( homes in India, esp ). Just in small doses, though. Kind of them.
It’s never over; just out of sight out of mind, right?
Monsanto/Bayer is counting on that, for sure.


People from Monsanto that have entered “our” government?.. LINK. Please take the time to check it out, no ads, no come-ons, no conspiracy - Monsanto is the poster-child of a truly evil corporation, that is still ‘supported’ by ‘our’ govbernment.


Here in Missouri where Monsanto’s home office was located, the green washing was monumental. Typical of course of those sort of destructive corporate entities.

This piece is a year old so who knows what’s been going on on the ground. I quit my involvement with the Master Gardeners due to their dilly dallying with Monsanto.


Dang - I thought I was up to date on the nefarious distortions of the Bernays bull $h!# model. Thank you for the additional info

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Moms Across America is an anti-vaxxer group. This is a stupid, misleading article.

Alternate headline: “Emails show scientists’ frustration with antiscience group that puts children at risk.” Fuck Monsanto for many reasons, but fuck MAA for putting children at risk because they don’t understand science.

Author is just an idiot.

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Are these Monsanto creeps the descendants of Dr. Josef Mengele?


What stumps me are that the actual people that work for Monsanto seem to do their jobs as if they are immune from the toxins they produce. Do they have magic pills that protect them from their deadly chemicals? Is the money that damn important? See how much money you can count while holding your breath dunked into a mix of your toxic chemicals. I’m guessing the money won’t be quite so important. Or how will your progeny be able to spend their inheritance in a world too toxic and hot to grow food? See, you can’t think further ahead than the next quarterly report of your venerable stock options. F*** You all. Peace to the rest or the world.


Yes. The CIA funneled many prominent doctors out of Nazi Germany after the war. And yes, some were chemists. It was called the OSS before it became the CIA around 1947 or so, by Truman.


Yea, don’t imagine they’re crying over kids with cancer. We need another Nuremberg trial here in the U.S.


One has to be somewhat clever to get past CD’s gatekeepers. I’ve learned some hard lessons in the past before being banned forever. Peace


Do you think our government would ever protect us?

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NO!!!strong text

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Reminds me of when the US started testing and using Nuclear weapons. There was absolutely no concern for the troops or civilians exposed to the radiation fall-out. There were many, many deaths in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and other places. The US government has always denied that the testing caused the cancers.


A long time ago, it did.

the gobment has payed out some sums here in NE AZ to cancer victims within the past decade. A friend of mine collected due to CA of the thyroid.

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Very interesting. I stand corrected. I was unaware of this but it is good to know that someone in our government cared about these people who were victims of reckless testing of nuclear weapons. The program is described here: https://www.justice.gov/civil/common/reca

Unfortunately I think many of the people died long before this act was passed including the cast and crew of The Conquerer which included the actor John Wayne. Many of them contracted cancer - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Conqueror_(1956_film)