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Monsanto, Let Our Farmers Grow: Rock Star Bucks Coffee


Monsanto, Let Our Farmers Grow: Rock Star Bucks Coffee

The indefatigable rocker and activist Neil Young has released a new video featuring an anti-Starbucks anthem, part of his fierce fight against Monsanto, GMOs and Starbucks' alleged support of an industry group fighting Vermont's GMO-labelling bill. The vintage-style song comes ahead of this month's release of Young's concept album, "The Monsanto Years," and a summer tour with Willie Nelson's sons. "I want a cup of coffee," he wails, "but I don't want a GMO." Good man.


Way to go mah man! :O)


There have long ago been many other reasons for staying out of Starbucks before this. Support your local independent coffee shop - or at least go to a locally owned chain.

I wonder if Neil avoids that ruthless-business that Canadians are for some strange reason proud of - Tim Horton’s - It is now part of the huge 3G Capital conglomerate known for encouraging terrible labor practices.


Hey, tis is a beginning… so, we start with a stream and move this to a river… moving on to many other corporations… including the energy companies…


Neil Young rocks on for we, the people, as he always has and always will.

Boycott the Beast…drink local…eat local. It’s the first step toward salvation.


Being based on the San Francisco Peninsula, Neil Young is fortunate to have access to many Peets coffee houses while the rest of us need to seek out Starbucks alternatives.

When Starbucks was starting out the founders took lessons from the founders of Peets. Peets product beats Starbucks by any metric.


Peets is still a big chain to be avoided. They made a brief foray into my area (Pittsburgh) but since have closed their shops. When in Pittsburgh, visit the Beehive on Carson Street which continues to prosper as an anarcho-hip spot in spite of a Starbucks deliberately placed directly across the street.

Unfortunately a lot of independent small coffee shops have been bought out by our local Starbucks-wannabe chain “Crazy Mocha”.


Also, I didn’t know that Neil Young lives in the SF area. Well, when he does go back to his “small town in N. Ontario” he needs to avoid Tim Horton’s - although I use them for their rest…er “washroom” stops.


Why not make one’s own coffee? I quit the evil brew eight years ago and haven’t been sorry. I no longer wake up in a haze, stumbling to the kitchen, growling at family members because I “haven’t had my coffee yet.” Now I am fully conscious within a minute or two. I also don’t spend a large percentage of the day searching for a bathroom. I suggest dandelion tea as a substitute. They used it instead of coffee during WWII. No caffeen, no addiction cravings if you can’t get it and it tastes quite nice. Its also good for you and may have anti-cancer properties. Besides, Starbuck’s coffee tastes like sludge. I guess that’s why they add so much other crap to it to cover up the bitter nastyness.


The corporate argument about 'free speech" is the silliest one ever.
The labeling of food that contains GMOs would be no different than the many laws that already exist to let consumers know what is in their food.
For example, in the USA if food is homogenized it has to be labelled as such; if it comes from a concentrate the label must say so. Even if contains water, that has to be on the label.
Stating that GMOs are in food is so commonplace and normal that 64 countries already require it, including England where Monsanto takes out ads praising the labeling of GMO food.
Call your US representative and demand that they vote NO on HR 1599 ( a bill deceptively designed to eliminate mandatory labeling of GMOs ).