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Monsanto Off the Hook for Cancers From PCBs It Produced

Monsanto Off the Hook for Cancers From PCBs It Produced

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Monsanto emerged victorious on Tuesday at the end of a nearly month-long trial in which plaintiffs had alleged the former manufacturer of PCBs showed "a reckless disregard for human life."

This speaks to the Libertarianism as advocated by Ron Paul and some few voices here that act as champions for his message and the “Magic” of that thing they call the free market.

Mr Paul and his Ludwig Von Mises cult claim regulations on such industry are an unwarranted interference in this “free market”. They claim that in order to curtail such actions by Companies such as Monsanto a person need only demonstrate damage done to his or own property or person via the courts and this will ensure Corporations follow best practices.

Yeah right.


Watch what they do after Obullshi signs us up to TPP and TTIP. Hug your loved ones. Hell on earth is really here. It’s an oligarch world. Death and destruction for everyone else.

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They let Grace Corp in Montana slide on asbestos for both mining and public contamination, because since even the mining mangers died from the processing, the company therefore couldn’t possibly have know of the adverse effects of asbestos.

Boy what kinda logic…It’s like the police violence videos…
How much do we need to prove…
Monsanto’s justice will come…too many know now…

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Actually, strict “libertarians” believe that only claims to damage to property are legitimate. Only property has rights. Human flesh, blood, bones and organs are not legal property, and so have no rights. Only property ownership defines a person as a legal human.

This is only one case, and that being in Monsanto’s hometown of St Louis. There are similar cases by Spokane, San Diego, and San Jose against Monsanto. Monsanto is indeed liable morally for selling products that they knew were more toxic than they let on, and they also knew of the poor disposal practices being used by other companies like GE, and they themselves did dispose of PCBs into rivers in Anniston, Alabama. Altogether, they bear a heavy moral responsibility for their willful negligence resulting in ecocide and homicide. They bear the moral responsibility even if highly biased courts of law rule otherwise in some cases. They must be held accountable for the profound damage they have done to the people and the planet.