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Monsanto’s Evil Twin: Disturbing Facts About the Fertilizer Industry


Monsanto’s Evil Twin: Disturbing Facts About the Fertilizer Industry

Ronnie Cummins, Martha Rosenberg

What do you know about the worldwide chemical fertilizer industry? If you’re like most people, not much.

There’s plenty of press coverage and consumer awareness when it comes to genetically engineered food and crops, and the environmental hazards of pesticides and animal drugs. But the fertilizer industry? Not so much—even though it’s the largest segment of corporate agribusiness ($175 billion in annual sales), and a major destructive force in polluting the environment, disrupting the climate, and damaging public health.


In addition, a byproduct of the production of phosphate fertilizer is fluorosilicis which the chemical companies sell to many municipal water suppliers to use as "fluoride" added to the water supplies. Fluorosilicus is a health hazard. It is a chemical compound, not a mineral.

The chemical companies bribe local dentists and managers/electeds in charge of water supplies to get the ball rolling. The chemical companies then provide the equipment and maintenance for free as long as the water entity agrees to purchase fluorosilicis.

Although the fluoride cartel touts the benefits of drinking fluorosilicus to reduce cavities, it is not the same as using toothpaste with fluoride. Most Murkins use toothpaste with fluoride and it would be less expensive for the water suppliers to give free fluoride toothpaste to the poor people who can't afford to buy it. .


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Thank you, Mr. Cummins for this highly informative article.

So many deadly chemicals came into wide use after W.W. II and quite a few link back to either the Koch Brothers or the Nazis, neither group particular fans of life... particularly of the organic variety.


It's my understanding that fluoride was used in the concentration camps as a means of weakening the resolve of the inhabitants.


I will add fluoride ingestion to the long list of scientific and medical experiments that Hitler performed that have been adopted by post war industrialists.


The number that jumps out at me is "60 years". That is less than an eyeblink in the course of History to go from what was still a rather intact ecosystem with clean rivers lakes and water to one that is utterly devastated and toxic.

This exponential growth in environmental destruction fueled by the desire to generate ever more in the way of profits by the Corporate state, It means we can not have a lot of time left. The beast must be reigned in before it kills everything.


The primary public focus of "concern for the environment" is on greenhouse gases and fossil fuels, with "the fix" being sold as "clean energy." But entirely separate from fossil fueled climate change, the Earth's ecology is dis-integrating from multiple, massive assaults. Highways alone, separate from the fuel used, have done massive damage to ecosystem integrity. "Land use," primarily from agriculture and "development" (especially transportation systems) have been the primary causes of the massive reduction in biodiversity. Climate change has now become the primary driver of devastation. But the World Wildlife Fund report (based on compiling the results of over 10,000 separate field reports) that half of all animal wildlife was wiped out in just 40 years, does not name climate change as a primary driver of this astonishing and ominous simplification of Earth's ecology.

The construct of "environmentalism" being promoted pretends that "green energy" will save the ecology and humanity. But the depth of economic revolution that is required goes way beyond windmills and batteries. We need a holistic, ecological and humanistic economy, that REQUIRES all economic activity to be supportive of ecological and social restoration. The beast must be reined in.


The beast cannot be reined in, it must be slaughtered. The corporate mentality is void of all that is human; it is sociopathic in nature and only exists as an unconscionable financial vehicle. It is not only as it applies to fertilizers, or oil, or banking, or food conglomerates, it is in every capacity. Corporations will not self-report any (ANY!) of its own violations; that's in direct conflict to a corporation's existence. Corporations respect neither man, nor beast, nor even the environment they live in. Corporations allow men to behave without responsibility toward all life and the environment, and then believe that the actions were not their own. This is no model for which to build a future, this a model to create the destruction of mankind and the planet. KILL THE BEAST!


All major chemical industries were weapons merchant. Why Monsanto would scruple to pollute and endanger your health while they had no qualms about making products for killing Vietnamese villages with Agent Orange? These are the same people. Do not expect anything from them, put them in jail.


A great piece of investigative journalism exposing this complex of eco-catastrophe and the corporate mechanisms reaping profits from the raping of Mother Earth!
As the authors write so ardently, "We need a holistic, ecological and humanistic economy, that REQUIRES all economic activity to be supportive of ecological and social restoration. The beast must be reined in"

The EPA has abdicated its responsibility and mandate becoming an emasculated, toothless, complicit, shill for numerous environmental/wildlife crimes via the revolving-door of personnel from industry, to "regulatory" charade agencies, and back again to the industries they supposedly regulate! The EPA is in service to the greed of the industries they are charged to regulate, complicit to their pollution, despoliation, and total lack of stewardship, rather than any semblance of "protection"!

Our oceans and their nurseries, bays, estuaries and rivers as well as lakes are polluted and their role in the health of the marine environment and resources diminished to great degree - along with industrial animal operations with their fecal runoff, this "fertilizer" pollution must be ended!


Bullshit, you are regurgitating their own propaganda. There are proven existing methods for producing food at the scale necessary, without the wartime chemical corporations. i know you are firmly committed to your ideology and will not give this any deep consideration, but it's fact. If you dare, you can do some reading at the GRAIN, Via Campesina, and Rodale sites.


Actually that's my quote. But Cummins does write along similar lines.