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Monsanto Under Fire: Maker of Cancer-Causing Herbicide Sued by US Workers



And about time, since our "regulatory" agencies have been corrupted/subverted to work for corporate profits rather than protect the public! Monsatan advertises "roundup" on TV for use around the home/children with catchy music and idiot users to "keep that driveway weed-free" - a deceptive and potentially deadly corporate crime, and government has been complicit to the crime and exposure of families to this and many other carcinogens!

“The dirty little secret of the EPA is that almost every pesticide gets put on the market while the agency is looking the other way”

The US government caters to the chemical poison industry that floods our croplands, crops, water and air with largely untested, unregulated, deadly pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and countless domestic-use poisons - the common denominator is the descriptive "cide" that means to kill. A billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed/applies to US crops annually. The residues for "safe" exposures to the public have been repeatedly lowered and testing limited to an unsafe degree over decades of corruption of government agencies by the chemical industry.

Chemical producers export untested, deadly chemicals used on foreign imported crops/foods. "pesticide exports create a "circle of poison" situation in which US banned pesticides are exported to the Third World and are used on crops whose produce is then sent back to the US" http://www1.american.edu/ted/mexpest.htm

We are witnessing the chemical poisoning of America and much of the world by corporations and government collusion via the "revolving-door" of corruption of "regulatory" agencies staffed by industry employees then back-again - collusion and corruption by agencies charged with protecting the public have become by and for the industries themselves, not the public. Agricultural runoff of chemicals pollutes swamps, streams, rivers and down to marine bays and estuaries to poison the "nurseries" of many marine species and harms our fisheries industry - the chemical/fertilizer/big-ag conglomerate is very powerful, controlling many elected reps, legislation, and regulatory agencies.




You are totally correct, but I would go back even further in making your thesis.

Don't forget that Monsanto got its start by supplying Agent Orange to military contractors to use for the exfoliation of Vietnam jungles. The radically increased Cancer rates that ensued became a long battle. Being the coward and profits-only giant that this despicable company is, rather than pay any restitution to all of those Vietnamese left to cope with crippling Cancers... it put the legal onus on these poor citizens to PROVE the link between Agent Orange and Cancer.

The Drug War leveraged against Columbia has also made Monsanto (and friends) rich. Again, hefty poisons are dumped on forested areas that mostly embed into the local water table and soils to make people sick. As was wisely argued in a TV debate probably 20 years ago, ALL of the world's cocaine could be planted in a number of acres so the "wisdom" that goes about spraying everywhere to theoretically eradicate cocaine plants is a complete delusion. However, it's a delusion that has proven profitable for the WAR CRIMES company of Monsanto.

As I have personally long-argued, a corporation with Monsanto's record should not be allowed to determine what's in America's cereal products. That's like leaving a child molester loose to babysit for a set of pre-school children.

The way this company arrogates to itself the right to tell us what is NOT in our food, and lies about its product safety, and uses false TV ad campaigns to justify its lack of labeling... explains why Monsanto is one of the most hated companies in the entire world. And they have earned that title!

Currently, they're fouling up the food chain by adulterating papayas, broccoli, and lots of other staple food products. They are rapists of Mother Nature!


You are right that the Vietnam connection to Monsatan should be emphasized Siouxrose, thanks. Vietnamese and their territory was poisoned and American soldiers as well, and neither received anything like good medical care or compensation. Monsatan and Dow Chemical, another world poison producer/advocate, are using the 2,4-D half of Agent Orange for corn seed, the other half was 2,4,5-T with dioxin in it that was perhaps the most deadly part of the AO they produced. Poisoners of the planet like Monsatan and Dow are not regulated, and the public not protected, as government has become totally corrupted by vulture capitalism and profits above all else; the result of government collusion with poisoners is increased childhood cancers and other conditions.



It doesn't cause cancer. Period. The WHO verdict is so badly conducted it's essentially fraudulent, among other things ignoring a multi-decade US Department of Agriculture study of 15,000 people that found no link whatsoever, in addition to using a pathetically small handful of citations, several of which don't actually say what they claim they say. One scientist has condemned them for misrepresenting what his article actually said.

And that's not even considering that their entire carcinogen scale is essentially meaningless to begin with. They've categorized glyphosate as Group 2A "Probably carcinogenic to humans". For the sake of argument lets say they had put it in the top category, Group 1, which by their estimation will totally, certainly, 100% guaranteed give humans cancer. That would just mean it shares a category with, among many other common things, naturally occurring substances like formaldehyde. Better stop eating apples if you don't want cancer.

Now this is the part where everyone sneers and accuses me of being some sort of corporate whore, paid agent. No, I care about science and facts. I cannot in good conscience be concerned about global warming because the science on the issue is extremely robust, and then jump on the mindless anti-GMO bandwagon, ignoring a similarly robust volume of peer-reviewed science on their safety in the process. Now this is the part where you sneer again and say something about bad, corporate financed science. Remember to throw in a cigarette company reference for good measure.

EDIT: here's a link to the story about the scientist who is angry about how the IARC completely misrepresented his paper and its findings. http://www.producer.com/daily/toxicologist-pans-un-glyphosate-report/


Taking a paycheck either from Monsanto or some group of paid messengers tasked with upholding this disreputable corporation's reputations is like selling your soul to the devil. Nice work, con.


Right on queue. I take no checks, from anyone, for the record. Not that you'll believe me, of course.


Here's to follow-up lawsuits by consumers.


I look forward to suits reaching a courtroom, because Monsanto will be able to demolish the hell out of the WHO verdict and show in detail just how shoddy the scholarship in it is.


So you are part of Monsanto's law team.


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The entire history of Monsanto, and all the wartime chemical corporations that morphed into agro-chemical and GMO seed corporations, is providing great benefit to humanity while submitting to mindless attacks.

It's so great that you've taken up the cause of this abused corporation. And to do so not as a paid agent, but as a concerned citizen!

As the tobacco industry and oil industry have demonstrated through decades of public relations, you have plenty of material to work on. Deconstruct every aspect of the WHO study, and every contributor to the development of knowledge about how poisonous chemicals interact with living creatures. Science will always provide areas of uncertainty for you to exploit!


"Not that you'll believe me, of course."

Noodle got one thing right................


No, I just actually bothered to read the IARC report and the criticism of it.


I got everything right. This stuff is all public record, if you'd bother to actually read any of it. The scholarship is atrocious in that WHO/IARC monograph. They picked-and-chose evidence, ignoring a whole slew of studies, including a multi-decade, 15,000 person Department of Agriculture one (http://aghealth.nih.gov/news/), that didn't agree at all with their conclusion. And even then several of the handful of citations they did come up with don't actually say what they claim they say. One scientist is quite upset that they completely misrepresented a paper he himself co-wrote (http://www.producer.com/daily/toxicologist-pans-un-glyphosate-report/).

Now either come back with some good science, or you have nothing to contribute other than a sneer.



You are employing the tactic developed by the tobacco industry, and employed for decades by the tobacco and petrochemical industries:

Divert attention from cascading scientific evidence against your industry's product, by focusing attention on any area you can exploit as "unsettled science" or "scientific controversy."

If you're not an industry shill, you are executing a perfect imitation of one.


"It destroys human DNA."

A claim contradicted by the very paper the IARC cited in their monograph. What a farce of a report.


Look at that, doing exactly what I predicted someone would do. You're completely wrong, incidently. If there was such a 'cascade' of evidence, this WHO monograph wouldn't be getting the attention it has.


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