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Monsanto Want to Keep You in The DARK


Monsanto Want to Keep You in The DARK

Wenonah Hauter

In the absence of a federal requirement to label GMOs, food activists have taken matters into their own hands, passing labeling laws in Vermont, Maine and Connecticut and putting the issue on the ballot in California, Washington, Colorado and Oregon.


As I pointed out in the other thread on this topic, the bill being proposed by Pompeo will have to ban the promotion of organic foods as “GMO free” if it is to have the effect that Monsanto desires.



Since Big Mono’s poison GMO’s are so pervasive, and the Mono Joker has poisoned all food products at the ingredient source level (apologies to “Batman”,)

Boycott em’.

Eat nothing in a package or a plastic covering. Cardboard cartons and metal cans are lined with leeching plastic residue too, which imitate hormones and causes cancer.

If you can’t pick it off a tree or shake it out of a bush yourself, don’t put it in your mouth. Barter if possible with small local farmers you trust, and you stick it to the Banksters also.


Corporate Tyranny is Deadly to Humans and all other Living Beings.