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Monsanto Wants to Move to Switzerland. Why Is Obama Doing It Favors?


Monsanto Wants to Move to Switzerland. Why Is Obama Doing It Favors?

Ben Lilliston, Gary Ruskin

The longstanding principal goal of U.S. trade policy is to advance U.S. economic interests.

So, why is the Obama administration fighting so hard to help Monsanto – a company that is openly trying to slash its taxes by moving its headquarters from St. Louis to Switzerland?

"Monsanto, in seeking a tax inversion, shows that it has no loyalty to the United States. So, why is the U.S. government showing so much loyalty to it?"


Let’s help them move and then stop all imports from which ever country they move to! They are the Devil and wish us all dead for more profits!


Trade deals will give foreign companies special rights to sue countries if they change any policy or law, if it has an adverse effect on their future expected profits.

Certain endocrine disrupting chemicals, because they build up in the environment and in people’s fat cells, among other places, (many are environmental obesogens, they make people fat) present a larger and larger cost burden of disease on society, in the case of Europe, its even been measured, and the cost is staggering, currently in the hundreds of billions of euros annually, - Some EDCs have trans-generational effects. Why is still not fully understood but its a wake up call for society.

I don’t know what any given company’s exposure to EDC liabilities or even if those costs will typically be borne by countries, individuals, families or corporations.


You and other US taxpayers WILL be “helping Monsanto move” whether you want to or not. The US Department of Commerce provides taxpayer funded incentives and subsidies for corporations moving abroad.

The authors of this article asking why Obama is helping Monsanto is laughable considering that Obama continues to receive boatloads of money from the GMO cartel and appointed many GMO cartel operatives to key posts in his administration, concurrent of course with the white house gardeners installing an organic garden to distract us from Obama’s real motives.


Google TTIP regulatory convergence chemicals


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It doesn’t matter where those shitheels relocate, they’ll wreak the same havoc in the U.S., and all over the planet - because they can. Evidently, producing a product that kills pollinators is perfectly legal - never mind that honeybee pollination has produced fruit and vegetables for humanity for mere millennia. THAT’S FCKING IRRELEVANT.
And…they’ll be in good company with another Swiss uber rogue outfit, which is Nestle’.


“Why are we going to the mat for Monsanto when it is trying to move to Switzerland?”

Is the above statement the same thing as this one:

“Why is the Obama administration doing such huge favors on trade for a company that is trying to cheat U.S. taxpayers by moving its tax headquarters to Switzerland?”

Just as today’s MIC-led military model destroys nations and calls THAT National Security. Monsanto is destroying Mother Nature’s capacity to create seeds as SHE has done for countless millennia and defining the barren state that IT has introduced to Nature as reason to use chemicals in order to FEED people.

Both models are MAN OVER NATURE ridiculous attempts at inverting what should be worked with, respected, and treated with due reverence.

Monsanto also happens to have big ties with major players inside the U.S. government and M.I.C. and its ultimate goal is to control much of what passes for the world’s food supply… that is, at least for underpaid “Soylent Green” style workers. The rich will still get their cake.


But the wealthiest cannot hide from GMO foodstuffs for long…they, too will eventually be forced to consume their neighbors…er, uh… better known as Soylent Green. Monsanto is a monster and epitomizes The Blob (1958 movie) as it oozes over the planet with its frankenfood seeds…suffocating all in its greedy, gobbling path.

Obama is a sell out…complete, total sell out. Short timers think they have nothing to lose…time will tell.


What about Cheney?


Obama is looking toward his being retired after this term. Who better to go skiing in Zermatt with, between his six figure speaking performances, than not only mum and the kids but also his friends the Monsanto execs.

Dick Durban:
“Senator Richard Durbin, in a letter this month to Monsanto urging the
company to stay in the U.S., pointed out that the company’s growth is
“in large part due to U.S. taxpayer-funded programs and services.” He
points out how the company has benefited from government research, the
U.S. patent and regulatory system. In its peculiar way of saying thanks,
Monsanto wants to take the money and run.”

You are correct Dicky Boy. Almost all the nations of Europe have rejected GMO’s. The Mother of the Frankenseeds - Monsanto, the monster that created them should remain in their true home. Only such as the English Conservatives, the champions of proper white Anglos, seem to have decided as a sequel to their smashing poll victory to reopen GB to the monster seeds.

Not to malign the Swiss, some of my best friends are Swiss, truly, but they have a tendency to take in any whore as long as the refugee pours lots of cash into their national coffers.


Chaney shouldn’t be going to Switzerland, he should be going to The Hague, he and Billary, all three of them.


Glad someone mentioned the 6-figure speaking performances. i logged in to say “Because Obama sees how fast Bill Clinton became a billionaire.” (Not quite a billionaire yet but well on the way, in the several-hundred million dollar range now.)


And Obama’s Fast Track / TPP / TTIP / TISA are the crowning glory on the “free” trade regime launched by Reagan’s deregulation and sent into hyper-drive by Clinton’s NAFTA and WTO. We better get a real rollback going soon!


If we do not stop the world politics. We will kill the planet for money. How freaking lawless is ghat.


better question is why do we remain so distracted by what the U.S.
wants or doesn’t want, what favors are owed it or not owed it?
Multinationals have flown the U.S. coop some time ago and have no
loyalty at all to any country. They are no longer “escaping”
responsibilities or loyalties to America or any country. They are well
on their way to establishing a stateless world hegemony, World Inc.
America has already been auctioned off, and little of value is left here
other than some mop up looting of the little that is left that hasn’t
been privatized. TPP? Just a little test of pushing the envelope,
that’s all. Monsanto? Any empty symbol for trying to thwart a coup that
is nearly complete. Not up to the U.S. to stop it. The horse left that
barn some time ago. The world? That remains to be seen.


the american people are beyond naivete (as is the author) they are asleep, they are fat (however getting skinnier) they are not educated but think they are, and during what awake time they have, they put themselves back to sleep with all their distractions. it is much too late to negotiate a revolution from strength, so the result will be a reaction of horror as a result of great social and political loss.(forced awake) monsanto has brought ‘hell’ to our environment and hillary clinton will lead the charge to the final solution as long as the air force lets her be the first fascist queen. get ready!! it aint pretty now and it is on to getting very ugly. ralph nader has injected too much ‘hopeium’. it is so sad!!