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'Monsanto's Dream': Pro-GMO DARK Act Comes to Congress


'Monsanto's Dream': Pro-GMO DARK Act Comes to Congress

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The battle over genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, reached the U.S. capital on Wednesday when news broke that Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo will reintroduce a bill that blocks states from requiring GMO labeling.


In order to be as effective as Monsanto wants, Pompeo’s bill must not only bar states from requiring the labeling of GMO foods but also prohibit the marketing of organic foods as non-GMO.

Because folks dedicated to a healthy food supply will continue to find ways to inform the public, the bill in question will have to be extremely specific and detailed. It may wind up being the longest bill ever written.



Over the past few quarters Monsanta has anoounced a loss of hundred of millions to its shareholders. Rather then trying to ensure their product SAFE to eat and their poisons SAFE to use they have decided the better way to turn their fortunes around is to invest in buying a few Politicians.

This in and of itself shows ME that they KNOW their product can never be made safe, either for the Environment or for consumption.


Monsanto’s newly revised motto:
Without chemicals, Cancer itself would be impossible.


We need to simply ban them altogether!


Pompeo (Republican) - anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-state’s rights.


As GMOs have never been adequately tested for long term affects on humans we are being used as guinea pigs and if later they are proven to be harmful because of various ills acquired by those ingesting GMOs they will most likely by that time already have laws in that will relieve them of any responsibility or will be deemed too big to prosecute.If this insane legislature passes as certainly FOOD, good healthy FOOD is a primary issue for all mothers and if it does pass the wrath that Bill Gates and others will face will be unimaginable.


I was a volunteer lobbyist in my state’s every two year leg sessions. I met and pitched 42 of the 62 electeds and one of the first to sponsor was a cowboy hat wearin’ repub who quipped ‘I’ll be givin’ up 40k for doing this, but it’s the right thing to do’. Upon questioning, he said that the state Cattlemen’s Association gave 40k to his election campaign.

Both sides of the isle appeared ready to work with us towards a bill. As soon as the bill draft hit the committee, the Farm Bureau, Cattlemen’s Assoc and Ag community shut it right down…dims, the majority in both houses, sniveled and shrugged and repubs just faded away.

The biggest rationale they came up with, repubs that is, was PRICE…how the US consumer WANTED and DEMANDED the lowest possible prices and the US ag community was stellar in meeting that criteria, and labeling would raise prices…much personal nausea ensued and I gave up as the bill never got out of committee.


Why hasn’t Pompeo been recalled? He’s obviously on the take. Poor Kansas, did they know he would do such a low thing before they elected him? It’s plain to see he doesn’t have the welfare of the people of Kansas (or anywhere else) in his misguided “leadership”.


It seem to me that the so-called (and appropriately called) “DARK Act” is an affront to the Constitution of the United States of America. Amendment X reads as follows:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Congressional “forbidding” of GMO labeling would be:

  1. An unnecessary and UnConstitutional precedent;
  2. UnConstitutional as evidenced by Amendment 10;
  3. potentially an infringement of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) U.S.C. / 552;
  4. UnConstitutional as evidenced by Amendment 1;
  5. potentially an obstruction of interstate commerce.


Oh I quite agree, The entire Chemicals industry has to be revisited,


I’m surprised manufacturers aren’t calling for a complete end to including a list of ingredients on food packages. b/c like its sooo expensive to include that info.


They’re all on the take. Both Dems and GOP are getting paid off. It’s hard to find a politico from either side who’ll stand up to this.