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Monster Blizzard Dumps Record Snow Across US East Coast


Monster Blizzard Dumps Record Snow Across US East Coast

Common Dreams staff

Major cities, suburbs, and rural communities up and down the East Coast of the United States are digging out Sunday morning after a "monstrous" blizzard dumped multiple feet of snow across a region where tens of millions of people live.


Just stay in your house and hunker down... except, of course, if you don't have a house to hunker down in. Sounds like homeless are dying of hypothermia. What a culture.


Man with cart says it all.


Homeless in Washington DC shows how dysfunctional this country still is.


As Mother Earth sends another message to the Powers that Be....
The response back...."Move along people, back to Business as Usual."
Funny thing...watching the Weather Channel during coverage of Jonas, not one mention of Climate Change, nor factors that led up to this Monster Storm.

At this time another prophet, named Jonah. To Jonah the Lord spoke, saying:
"Go to Nineveh (Washington DC) , that great city, and preach to it; for its wickedness rises up before me."
But Jonah did not wish to preach to the people of Nineveh (USA); So Jonah tried to go away from the city where God had sent him. He went down to Joppa and took a ship for Tarshish.
.... and the Lord sent a great storm upon the sea, of Washington DC.


The Atlantic Ocean just offshore is hot. It's putting 10% to 15% more moisture in the air than normal. When these storms start cranking up, they keep accelerating more and more. They also pull polar air (which gets zero sun for six months so it's the same cold temperature) farther south.


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I assume you live in a very rural area with just a few small town. Snow in such a setting is very different than snow in a major city. So you're comparing apples to oranges.

Atlantic coast snowstorms are also much denser and icy-granular stuff.


wow lotta snow there. just think how much worse it would have been if we didn't have global warming in place to counteract it


I guess this will provide that ass clown, Sen. James Inhofe , Oil Hack-OK, with another opportunity to bring a snowball into the Senate as "proof" that global warming is a hoax.


And, all this with an overall atmospheric temperature increase of less than 1 degree C. Imagine what could happen if (probably when) it gets to 2 or 3 degrees C.


Humankind will not survive in a planet warmed by 3C or certainly 4C... and we're already at 1C above baseline right now. Plants and natural habitat cannot keep pace with the rate that we're warming the planet. In very short order (15 to 30 years) we're going to see an acceleration of collapsing habitat and ensuing near term human extinction (NTHE). It's already underway. We are on a path to global-widel famine, starvation, mass migration and civil unrest. I really don't see how we can get ourselves out of this mess. We must stop burning fossil fuels IMMEDIATELY.. but even by doing that... I fear that WE (and so many other precious living creatures) are the cooked goose/geese. Sigh...


That is just plain ignorance.


I guess your just plain to ignorant to recognize ironic humor


So there was ACD in ye old testament times?



The only thing missing from that idiotic comment is a swipe at Al Gore.

edit.......sarcasm on this topic unless noted by the person being sarcastic – not ironic btw – will most likely be taken otherwise, so spare us your condemnation for not getting it.


The Martians killed themselves off some eons ago for roughly the same reasons as present day Terrestrials. The denizens of our Solar System are just not getting with the program. What program? Collective planetary intelligence!


Are they not opening empty buildings for the homeless? A rich country, America should be utterly ashamed leaving people out in those storms. What
an awful image, a homeless guy outside with nowhere warm to go, just awful. strong text