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'Monstrous Behavior': Mnuchin Slammed for Biden 'Snub' That Could Sabotage US Economic Recovery

I care about the crimes of Harris, Mnuchin, Biden, Hillary, and all other criminals.
What makes Trump and his co-conspirators even worse than all the others is that they are venal and corrupt, but also are attempting a fascist takeover of our country, with Trump in the starring role as American Mussolini.
With Harris and other corporate Dems you get utter corruption.
You get even more utter corruption from Trump, and you also get the threat that comes from he and his cult attempting to break the constitution and rule by force, fear, and lawlessness.
The Democrats just don’t have an American Mussolini on their team, nor are they inclined to run around in the streets with machine guns because their candidate lost an election.
They’re too weak and hopeless to pose the country-destroying threat that Trump and his gang of fools pose.


But the fever will break. So let’s reach across the aisle

Looks to me the GOP is rolling out the old playbook of leaving an impossible mess for the Democrats. They will take the blame and in sweep the Tea Party with either Pompeo or Cotton at the helm.

Meanwhile, millions on the brink of homelessness, millions without health care and income, healthcare providers with inadequate protection. And the nation is split pretty much down the center.

It is looking easier to see the collapse than anything else.


The party of the people had plenty of good people. bernie was cheated out of the nomination twice by bad people. DWS is one of the worst, I don’t know how she got to be in the party of Henry Wallace and Huey Long? HRC and Bill? Warren did her best but sold out by refusing to endorse Bernie as she held out for Biden’s VP. yuk.

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Nonsense. You are apparently not adequately versed in the art of critical thinking. Take a few evening classes in it? Never forget the photo of Mussolini and his mistress at their end, and never forget that there are vastly more of us on the left who have military training, hunting experience, and firearms. We just don’t think with John Wayne’s brain.


You sound like an arrogant POS. Welcome to the community!

just to remind people --this man is the criminal that Harris refused to prosecute for his crimes in CA(she then took money from his bank for her Senate run–can you say corrupt?)–he should have been sent to jail years ago --but is the perfect example of the political classes letting the well connected criminals walk away from their crimes , who then goes on to harm still more people with his policies


Hens- Won’t happen. Mnucin is way to toxic. He will go into hiding 1/20/21.

He’d more likely follow Trump’s lead and merely appoint temporary replacements, which wouldn’t require Senate approval. Not that Biden’s selections are likely to be “lessor evils” compared to Trump’s selections. Afterall, Fascists gonna be Fascist.

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Do you think such egregious behaviour will be understood by all the turnip truck rejects (those bounced off the truck) who voted for Trump? I actually don’t think it will. You have to have at least a half a brain,to be able to mentally process the disaster it will create!

Mnuchin is, sadly, tempting us to violate his (CORRUPT) expectations of us…

I say we evaluate his “request” that the money be “returned,” with a hard shoulder to his beloved MONEY INTERESTS. EVERYTHING the Banks do is hinged on their identity as MONEY SUCKS who keep the money away from the “Lower Classes,” but then pump up the flow, when it comes to those who already obscenely profit from the Way Things Are (well, when they make damn sure they ARE that way)…