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'Monstrous' Boris Johnson Named Foreign Secretary in Brexit Cabinet


'Monstrous' Boris Johnson Named Foreign Secretary in Brexit Cabinet

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson has been appointed as foreign secretary in the U.K.'s new post-Brexit government, headed by now-Prime Minister Theresa May.

Johnson—whom some have likened to Donald Trump—ultimately supported the Leave campaign ahead of the U.K.'s referendum last month and compared the EU to Adolph Hitler in its attempt to unify Europe.


A genuine, quintessential "Confederacy of Dunces" in the UK...not unlike our House of Representatives and Senate. The scenario in the UK govt harkens back to the Middle Ages in many ways...dress has changed but not the borderline barbarity.


Seems that May, whom NPR described as 'the adult" in a group of sophomoric politicians, is every bit as short sighted as the rest.


Isn't it time we stopped depending on corruptible representatives and governed ourselves by popular consensus and modern technology?


I gave up the torture of NPR long ago. Not surprising that the talking heads of National Prick Radio would employ the vacuous "adult" frame, yet again.

I can just hear Ari Shapiro, or the insufferable Melissa Block saying it.

Okay, I better put on some Frank Zappa quick to clear my head.


There is actualy some logic in this. What do you expect in a circus but clowns?


Author sez: "Johnson—whom some have likened to Donald Trump ..."

Can't imagine why. Nice hair, by the way.


I have yet to decide the wisdom of this move by May to give Boris the post. We in Scotland may thank May for giving us even more reason to be independent of the lunatics that have taken over an institution grown ever more corrupt at each change of leadership.


Good for you to recognize that. It happens I wrote a book on that subject. It's called The Endgame of Politics and you can find it on Amazon by searching on ENDGAME PALMER.


'Monstrous'? Really? So then how come the article completely fails to mention how many countries he has destabilized creating the greatest humanitarian refugee crisis since WWII? Because THAT truly is monstrous.


When I saw Donald Trump emerge into the circus that is the USA's POTUS elections I breathed a heartfelt sigh of thanks to the French for their serendipitous role in liberating Britain from its north American colonies. Maybe we should commemorat the 950th anniversary year of the Battle of Hastings by inviting the French to do a re-run to liberate us from our own idiots.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


And we're surprised because....

That comment he made about HRC was spot on, by the way. No apologies necessary.


Britain, this ultra conservative fart you're letting is going to damage and set you back decades.


Excellent. I will search for it. Did you have any problems finding a publisher or with oligarchy censorship?


Thanks for writing back:

No, I had no ultimate problem
finding a publisher because I don't have one.

I published it as a
print-on-demand using the Createspace service that Amazon

there are other such services
too. Lulu runs one.

When I published my first
book, Getting To Zero Waste, I started my own publisher just
for that book.

All you do is choose a name
and declare that you're a publisher and voila! The UPC number
is a scam

though. Really expensive for
just a number. Going through Amazon it was free, or $10. I

When you order a book, that's
when they print it. I'd love to see their printer.

Paul Palmer


Thank you Paul. You may have helped out some of us on CD with a book to publish.