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'Monstrous Cruelty: As Hunger Soars, Trump USDA Resumes Effort to Take Nutrition Benefits From More Than a Million People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/monstrous-cruelty-hunger-soars-trump-usda-resumes-effort-take-nutrition-benefits

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I know I have said it more than once but…
do these people sit around at the stroke of midnight each night and say to each other “ what are the absolute most evil, unnecessary and unhelpful three things we can do tomorrow to destroy the country and the world?”
It makes me laugh, not the happy kind but the kind where it’s that or break your fist punching a wall…
I honestly do not know what to do with this spew coming from our ‘governments’ and our drooling populace anymore …


If we allow this, without revolt or real protests, then we deserve what happens. It is beyond question that “our” Constitutional Democracy has been purposely destroyed to create the now almost completed fascist state. The constant allowing is our main problem. The allowing must stop. If not, then the bad situation we are currently in, will become a monumental understatement - And we will deserve it, all of it - if the allowing continues. Seriously.


Only someone with such an ample waistline girth and no conscience/social responsibility, blind, deaf to the fact that US America has long been busy destroying manufacturing jobs that payed well, shipping them and other jobs abroad well before SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic which is making things worse for the working class can do this.

Sonny Pedue’s conflicts of interests, etc less we forget:



Since joining the Trump administration, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue’s complicated network of ties to Georgia-based entities — including his family’s company, Perdue Partners — has raised questions about potential conflicts of interest as well as his working relationship with his cousin, Georgia Sen. David Perdue.




I Republicans: 1, 1

For the Book that gets u$ elected shall never be read nor understood by those who cast their votes for u$.

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The short answer is…YES, obviously. Maybe on some level they know they are the antithesis of civility and order; as lifelong criminals they are accustomed to going against civilization, but deep down they know their rule is destructive and are shocked at the almost universal acceptance of organized business/crime rule that exists in the voting population. Acting overtly evil is their way of saying “why do you keep voting for us”. the american people are simply so incredibly stupid that they cannot possibly get the hint, no matter how far right wing neoliberals go. If it comes down to government hiring private security to kick in our doors raping and killing us, Americans will still overwhelmingly elect the neoliberal oligarchs. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can change that, Americans are just not capable of basic rudimentary thought.

On another level, I think the fascist neoliberal republican oligarchs know they are not going to stay in power forever, and are trying to take as much as they can before they lose to the right wing fascist neoliberal democrat oligarchs, in case of the unlikely event that the other right wing extremist party doesn’t grant them as much free access to the public purse.

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Nonfiction Writer Greg Grandin “The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America”

“Today we have two parties that are basically talking about institutionalizing a system that is blatantly, unescapable and unavoidably founded on disposable people, acknowledging their disposability and doing nothing about it.”

Right now right wing neoliberal oligarchs have murdered over 50 times more Americans in just 3 and a half years as Al Quaida and ISIS put together have killed in over 15 years. Americans just cannot seem to help but love them for it.

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Cruelty is the theme, and its infliction is the point. It is the game itself that carries meaning for them - the opportunity to inflict pain on the defenseless, because they can.

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They have think tanks who do exactly that on behalf of their corporate masters. Politicians for the most part have no ability to think for themselves. They are nothing but empty vessels willing to vote for anything however evil for cold hard cash that the lobbyists ply them with on a daily basis. And grand master Pelosi now wants to bailout those very same lobbyists to keep the cold hard cash flowing.


“Cruelty Is The Point.tm”