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'Monstrous': GOP Trying to Use 'Functionally Kidnapped' Immigrant Children as Hostages to Advance Anti-Immigrant Agenda


'Monstrous': GOP Trying to Use 'Functionally Kidnapped' Immigrant Children as Hostages to Advance Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a political maneuver one commentator described as a "monstrous" attempt to "use functionally kidnapped children as literal hostages" to advance an extremist anti-immigrant agenda, House Republicans are circulating a legislative plan that would limit the Trump administration's family separation policy while simultaneously ramming through cuts to legal immigration and billions in border wall funding.


Bit by bit we sink into Fascist Tyranny. Nazi Germany and today’s America are not very far apart at this point. It’s also going to get worse…much worse because the fascists have figured out there is nothing they can’t do and get away with. The American people are the perfect willing victims. Truthfully it makes me sick…


What can we do? What should we do? Someone please tell me.


The US goes down to Central and South America and causes trouble, interferes, and attempts (often successfully) to advance corporate interests. Murderous gangs are employed to terrorize the population.
These folks don’t want their children to die in these circumstances. They flee US actions in their country, come here for relief (asylum), and are punished again???


Now that the Republicans have found that anti-immigration is a winning issue in elections for them there will be no end to their anti-immigration policies. The only way to effectively stop this to get enough Americans to turn against it so that this issue is no longer a winner for the Republicans. Anti-immigration feelings certainly aren’t anything new but it took Trump to really raise these feelings in millions of people. While it is an awful thing to do to win elections but as long as it keeps working Republican politicians will keep using it.


Realize that in this effed up scenario we’re living, Dan is exactly right.
Trump plays the part of Hitler, Netanyahu is Mussolini, and US citizens are going along with concentration camps (prisons and old Walmarts) being filled with what this administration considers to be racial inferiors.


And their most loyal and enthusiastic supporters, the White Evangelical “Christians”, are complicit enablers in all of this. The rest of us must stand united as we adamantly insist on
a return to the founding principles of separation of church and state.

As a side note: How ironic that the Party which for so long now has garnered so many votes
by proclaiming “family values” now seems to be very comfortable in destroying families.


Domestic terrorism: Perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with primarily U.S.-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

This is the definition of domestic terrorism from the FBI website. Any questions??? I lifted it from their site, now I’ll be watched???


Fascism, the most depraved of ideologies, is - among other things - fear based. The anti-dote to fear would be hope. Except, we are too far into this that hope alone won’t be able to bring about change.
Maya Angelou: ‘And still I rise’.
If we don’t we’re gonna be phugged for a long long time.


Do what everyone always does.

Get back to having more kids and go shopping!


In related news…Manafort goes to jail.


And then this…

Moral of the story is this. History repeats itself. Whenever political leaders head down this path, it always, always always, ends up the same. From Julius Ceasar to the Romanovs to Nixon. The ending is always the same.

Now the question is, what replaces this regime?


It will be worse than we think. Some of those children will never be seen again. Use your imagination as to what I’m implying cause I don’t even want to type it. These people are that evil.



These folks are being abused because they are people of color, indigenous and not from Norway.


What you are witnessing is old white America’s final solution (where have I heard that before?) to their shrinking demographics.
Every action taken since the Koch Brothers “tea party” first rose to power has been to guarantee that white Europeans (Particularly men) remain at the apex of Americans socioeconomic structure. However, keep in mind that these fanatics are in the minority. They would have no sway over decision making at any level of government if the people in the middle didn’t secretly harbor the same fears and apprehensions that they do and tacitly support them.
In short, the overt racists have found kindred in the white suburbs of America. They don’t need them to wear swastikas at white supremacist rally’s. All they need is what they are getting, approval through silence. The problem is simple. Most white Americans fear the same thing. That when the day comes that people of color are the majority, and they begin to take command of this nations institutions, that those former minorities will treat us whites like they have been treated all these many decades.


You’ve hit the nail squarely. ‘Family values’ was just another BS slogan.


I thought the same thing… the powerful are horribly twisted.


…as the turd whirls…


Spot on, BB!


Are you kidding? What responsible parent would allow or accept a child to tell this many lies in one week? What fortune 500 company CEO would be able to retain his job telling half this many serious lies at just one public news conference? Do you have friends, family, relatives, or co-workers you would accept this much lying from? Trump is way past unusual, he is the definition of psychotic. And who are the people that after a year of confirmation of his lying psychosis are naive, gullible, ignorant, also disturbed, and the case of Republicans cowardly enough to continue to support this unsound pathological proven serial liar as President of the United States? There is something seriously wrong with this guy