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Montana Oil Train Derailment Renews Call for Ban on Crude-By-Rail


Montana Oil Train Derailment Renews Call for Ban on Crude-By-Rail

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Communities in northern Montana on Friday continued to grapple with the aftermath of an oil train derailment, which saw 21 of 106 train cars split off the track Thursday night, down a power line, force a highway closure, and leak enough oil to require a nearby community to evacuate.


The bomb trains go along the Clark Fork river and across sections of Lake Oend d"Oreille...some of the most beautiful scenery in north America. Too many of the bomb cars are rusted, battered, and leaky. The government of Idaho needs to institute some common sense regulation, because it's obvious the companies that profit from extracting and selling this garbage don't give a flying fig about the communities they are affected.


We need uniform federal regulations for hazardous material transport. There should be no states rights or sovereignty issues here. Bomb trains are corporate terrorism.


Good for GDP and Job growth Millions to be spent on the cleanup Right?

What an insane system.


The number & frequency of oilbomb train wrecks is astounding just how many to date? Where's the press? Where's the prez on this?


This type of accident is astonishing in that it happens in an very scenic area, is not talked about in the national press very much, and the effect on the local flora and fauna will last indefinitely. These incidents are going to increase, with no end in sight. Very different than say 40 years ago, where this, the recent Santa Barbara incident, Valdez, etc. were seen as not to be tolerated by much of the public. These days, people roll over, get some more sleep, and hop in the car later to shop.

The only way the nuclear power industry got "caught" in this country was civil disobedience, massive demonstrations, and a consensus of anger from the middle class that is really lacking now days.


Very true. You cannot emphasize it enough. I really does seem like a set-up, all of it coming together for the working class to have no time to fight. But, we should also look at how many people are willing to internalize the shit told to them by the Republicans. Many of these people may have serious self esteem problems, because they really believe they should be doing better, and draw a blank at the issue of Republican policies holding them back.. Then they justify all the bad environmental things going on around them. I've spoken with probably hundreds of them over a few decades. They cling to Reagan, W Bush, a military they know little about, etc. A big chunk of Americans living basically in a cloud of low level depression.


The picture says it all too well. Super-heavy train. Huge wheel loadings up front. Track from 1870. US railroads went for super heavy trains to cut down on labor costs. Really dumb. They never ask the proper question: what fraction of operating costs are the result of labor? How can it make sense to run trains on tracks that were not designed for the loads that are now demanded to meet investor expectations? What is needed is government regulation. We need to have the same idea that we use on highways. Overweight trucks are found, and fines imposed on highways. We know that bridges are built up to specific specifications. A truck that weighs x tons is ok, a truck that x + 1 ton breaks the bridge. The track? Wooden ties. The rest of the world knows better. Take a look at modern trains, like in Sweden Russia, China . Wood is so 19th century. it is not about hauling dirty crude. It is about dumb management that ignores mechanical engineering reality. The BNSF is trying. But the resources of a small company apparently just are not up to the tasks.


Just like the Greeks.