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Months After GOP Approved $1.5T Giveaway to Rich, Ocasio-Cortez Shreds Those Questioning How to Pay for Bold Proposals Like Medicare for All


Months After GOP Approved $1.5T Giveaway to Rich, Ocasio-Cortez Shreds Those Questioning How to Pay for Bold Proposals Like Medicare for All

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a viral tweet on Tuesday, progressive New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crystallized the absurdity of arguments against Medicare for All and other bold proposals—as conservatives and centrist Democrats frequently claim the United States lacks a robust social safety net because of an inability to pay for one.


Rock on! Give 'em hell Lexi!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Democrats best chance for a Presidential candidate in 2020.

No one else even comes close.


Which means she will be the one they will do everything in their power to sabotage.


She would be too young.


Now if that $1.5T was every year, it would definitely cover “free healthcare”. Unfortunately it’s only $150B per year. To get “free healthcare” for all, at $6000/capita per year (little less than Canada) we need another $1T per year.


Have to be 35 years old to run.


I link to this again as I feel the context VERY important. This measures WEALTH inequality as opposed to Income inequality. Note the Countries in the list include places like Denmark , France and the Netherlands all on the list.

Most of these Countries have Single payer or Universal healthcare funded via taxes YET as the chart shows most still have a tremendous concentration of wealth among the 10 percent. Japan has the lowest “wealth Inequality” yet even in Japan the top 10 percent OWN 40+ percent of all wealth.

In other words “we can not afford this” is an absolute CROCK. Taxing the rich does not mean “everybody becomes poor and there are no more rich”.

The USA is at the extreme of Countries listed with the 10 percent owning close to 80 percent of all wealth.


Julia, call them what they are! Not centrist Democrats, not even Blue Dogs, but DINOs.


US Citizens spend far more then 1 trillion a year on HEALTH INSURANCE . A family of four as per this chart pays some 11000$$ a year for Health Insurance and deductibles. Thats more then I pay in total income tax. If I had 4 kids my taxes would DROP from what they are now .


Sounds about right. As i mentioned in previous posts, when i was living in Canada and had “free healthcare”. I was paying about 24% taxes on a C$25,000 per year on two person one income household (in the early 90s). In the US someone making 25k has prolly a 0 tax burden.

If the US would increase taxes accordingly, yes, it is entirely possible to have “free healthcare”.


I guess the Democrats are screwed then as it isn’t clear to me if any other non-establishment Democrat has the Chutzpah to take on the other side of the corrupt Uniparty.


A few synonyms for “radical”

Thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, across the board, profound, major

Works for me … so let’s embrace the goddamn word, and its implications, and hope to hell we can realize them

Because it’s our only hope.


That’s not an answer. The tax cuts are projected to increase the national debt by several trillion and we already owe about 20 trillion. We can’t pay for the tax cut. They just did the give away to the rich anyway. An important question is how much debt can the US take on and not end up like Greece. So far we are okay but I suspect there is a limit. To actually pay for stuff without running tremendous deficits it is probably necessary to raise taxes. Corporations and the rich seem to have relatively low tax rates so tax reform that would be focused on increasing tax rates for corporations and the rich would seem to be a big part of the answer of how to pay for things. An upper tax bracket of somewhere around 70% is probably something to aim for.


I can think of Bernie and Tulsi Gabbard but who knows how co-opted they are. I very well can see Trump getting re-elected.


And then there’s the matter of the trillions that the pentagon cannot account for and nobody here has mentioned.Oh ye of short attention spans!


Progressives can demand that the wealthy (people and corporations) be taxed at a 50% rate to pay for Medicare for all, Social Security, DACA, and renewing all the other programs that asshole Trump has cut and discontinued. The principle is the more you earn, the more you are taxed. I know that this idea is vehemently objected to by those who want to keep as much money as they can, no matter how much it harms the rest of us, but the truth is, we are all in this life together. We only need enough to live comfortably and have health care and other life-benefits that we’ve been receiving over the years until Orange Butt was elected. Who the hell does he think he is? Presidents cannot be kings or dictators – they always live in fear anyway.


Seriously, that story was debunked a while ago.


Give 'em THE BOOT! lol Soon, this conversation will not be possible in my lifetime, left. (I’m 73 and in poor health.)

The current “government” is part-machine, corporate-owned, and an all military economy. Give “it” what “it” deserves. Give “Its” stolen lands back to the original First People by paying for it. Give “it” THE BOOT! Take back “its” money being hoarded offshore, back to We the People’s treasury.

Suddenly, We the People have a surplus budget! With Universal National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA or H.R. 676) - PAID FOR!

Suddenly, We the People have a 1.4 trillion Jubilee - Paid For - plus a 86 - $108 billion dollar increase in GNP. And best of all: The Boot to the anti-Bernie wing of the DNC. Bye Chuck and Nancy! Bye NRA. Bye military economy. Bye systemic racism and poverty!


Yeah, Annie. Old Orange Butt is just a human like the rest of us.

Born, lives, dies.

Perhaps he’ll get pushed ahead of the line because of his entitled attitude.