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Months After Trump Declared 'Liberate Michigan,' 13 Right-Wingers Charged With Plot to Kidnap Governor, Storm State Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/months-after-trump-declared-liberate-michigan-13-right-wingers-charged-plot-kidnap


Send these motherphuckers to Guantanamo.


This is a tremendously liberating incident. Orangeman has been egging on the tough guys, the white-supremacist haters with guns, trying to make it sound like they’re crawling all over the landscape, ready to physically block our access to polling locations. Alt-right lunatics are a crucial cog in the tyrant’s anti-democratic terrorism.

By contrast, this incident massively deflates the threat of fascist paper-tigers in pickup trucks. Now they’re getting rounded up by state and federal law enforcement pros, just weeks before the election they’re supposed to disrupt. The spectacular collapse of their scheme (along with any parallel schemes spinning alongside) is like reverse disruption. For someone hoping for a somewhat ordinary election at the moment, rather than a bloody fascist putsch, there’s space to hope this could be the last straw – precipitating general collapse of chaotic USA fascist fringe-forces.

Floyd Rebellion note to self: As opportunities arise for folks on our side to securely plot logistics, maybe we’d best find some other place to conspire besides FB, 'kay?


So glad these Trump Confederates were caught.
The Michigan GOP, typified by murderer Snyder, has long been allied with KKK and other white supremacist/libertarian strongholds.
They’ve tried to sabotage Whitmer and threaten/intimidate her at every turn.
All the armed, bearded, camo-wearing thugs who stormed the Michigan state capital a few months ago should have been handled by police the same way police handle unarmed, peaceful, progressive protesters: with extreme violence.
The Bundy/McVeigh mentality infects a significant percentage of our fellow citizens.
What do you do with rabid dogs?
Here they are:


In the actual Bay, that is, with ankle weights.


In August of 2015, I somehow had the prescience to read Sinclair Lewis’ (1935) It Can’t Happen Here. Eighty years before his time, he got so much of it right. I have been warning many friends of much of what has happened, much of what is happening, and much of what may happen based on that novel. Lewis saw fascism for what it is–timeless.


If this was any other time in our history or even any other country, trump would have been arrested by now, but with all the enablers in congress including chuck and nancy (like trump, they don’t deserve capital letters), the sh*tshow will go on and on and on until our country is destroyed. ARREST THE MF ALREADY!


When armed right wingers protested inside my state capitol building, they weren’t breaking any laws. Unfortunately, it’s perfectly legal to open carry where they were in the building.

As for the criminal, Rick Snyder, your party recently hailed his endorsement of Joe Biden:



More “fine people” attempting to carry out the Republican agenda of treason and pandemonium. Probably an indication of what is to come after the November election.


Keep in mind that what these Trump maggots and alt-right terrorists consider to be “tyranny” is anybody who stands for a government that actually does something for the people. Funny how these brain-dead yahoos have no problem with government literally shoveling money to the super-rich and being joined at the hip with the corporate monopolies, but when it comes to providing the basic necessities for the working poor, that’s “unconstitutional” or else outright “communism” as far as they are concerned. We’re dealing with a large swath of the population that is driven by pure emotion and whose brains are not firing on all cylinders. And they are locked and loaded. What a shitstorm! And we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.They’re chomping at the bit for any excuse to take to the streets and kill some liberals.


One simple way to define fascism is “Business” controlling “Government” the rule of law enforced by “police” and organized militia. Always “follow the money” rule of thumb leads to Big Business global industrialists which prefer we all think Antifa is right to fight back while real fascists wearing suits march into City Hall and tell the sitting mayor what they want and make an offer the mayors can’t refuse.


The armed right wingers were breaking several laws, including attempting to enter areas of the statehouse where weapons are not allowed, refusing to follow the COVID-19 ordinances, displaying weapons in a threatening manner, creating a public nuisance, breaking traffic/parking regulations, blocking streets and disabled entryways, illegally modified firearms, and refusing to follow lawful orders.
They terrorized the law-abiding citizens of Lansing.
The ONLY reason they weren’t gunned down is that many Michigan police officers are also white supremacists, and that the police were outgunned and afraid to do their duty to remove the armed plague. The police were so afraid that they added extra layers of body armor, and argued amongst themselves which side they were on.
Further, I am not a member of the Democratic party, nor do I support all its policies, political choices, or endorsements. I know the Democratic Party is far less corrupt and horrible than the GOP, for sure.
The Democrats were definitely wrong to accept or champion the endorsement of murderer Rick Snyder.
Finally, none of what you wrote addresses the core of my comment, which is that these Confederate armed thugs are threats to our country, and should be treated like rabid dogs.
I guarantee you that if BLM or other progressive protesters showed up armed and refused to disperse or respect the police barricades, but instead stormed the statehouse as the Trump Confederates did, they’d have been executed on the spot by celebratory police officers.


I’ve got a feeling having the FBI arrest them was a bad idea, that puts them under federal charges, and Trump can pardon them, as soon as they’re arrested. State police would have been much smarter, pretty doubtful Gretchen Whitmer would pardon these fools. The less of these wingnuts on the streets after Nov. 3, the better.


Kidnapping is a Federal offence, there’s the rub; its their ball game. By the time they are convicted Trump won’t be around.


You’re just plain wrong. Those protesters broke no laws, including laws governing mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing, which don’t exist:




Per the Constitution, Trump can pardon them as soon as they’re arrested. He doesn’t have to wait for a conviction.
From the link below: “Though the majority of kidnapping crimes are prosecuted as state offences, the federal government can also prosecute for kidnapping if the kidnapping crosses state lines. Federal prosecutors can file kidnapping charges independent of state charges, meaning you can be charged with both state and federal crimes.”


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My memory is a bit fuzzy here - maybe you remember better than I since you’re close to it physically.

Wasn’t it if they’d crossed the street and entered Federal Property, then they would have been breaking the law? But as it stands with state laws, open carry doesn’t prevent entering state government buildings?

Of course what seems to really be forgotten is there’s a reason everyone out here in the Wild West doesn’t openly carry any more, and that is at some point everyone decided that all these guns weren’t making anyone safer, nor more civilized?


… and shoveling more than $740 BILLION to the Pentagon to continue the endless illegal U.S. wars and $38 BILLION to the apartheid state of Israel.


Hell with that, give em a speedy trial and build a gallows.

Send the proper phucking message.


One more argument to make gun ownership a privilege and not a right, and to require FULL psychological evaluations before hand. Kooks with guns, the American way, ha!