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'Monumental Victory': Tribes and Climate Activists Celebrate Court-Ordered Shutdown of Dakota Access Pipeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/monumental-victory-tribes-and-climate-activists-celebrate-court-ordered-shutdown


“Today is a historic day for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the many people who have supported us in the fight against the pipeline.”
—Mike Faith, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

strong text YAAAAAAAAAY!


Hats off!

We will be organizing events that will bring all the issues together and a group forming locally to fight for a just world where the rights of Mother Earth are front and center--Healthy People–Healthy Planet.


Singing Strongheart Song! Thank you to the Protectors and Defenders of Grandmother Earth. From Quan Yin to Sekhmet to Ianna to Sky Woman. Thank you! Now…For Enbridge #5 that runs under the Straits of Mackinac. The corporation has admitted there are large gaps in the protective coating. And…ships pass over it. Any emergency requiring an anchor to be dropped is Big Trouble…I’ve seen it over and over in my area. Small pleasure boats come dangerously close to the large ships, playing chicken. Except…you can’t stop these ships on a dime. You’re lucky if you can get crash stop within three or four miles…The dangers never end; we must be strong and persevere with fortitude and bravery.


All the fossil fuel industry had to do was invest in renewable technology to hedge their bets. A third grader could have come up with that strategy. Of course a third grader could and would have been more likely to come up with their chosen path: LIE & DENY.


YES!YES!YES!That!is all I have got right now!This was and still is the defining struggle of our time. We as a species have a very limited time to try and mitigate the existing impacts of climatechange…and an even more limited timeline to transition away from fossil fuels. We can do it! But we need to get the originators of fake news, the F out of the way. Human scum like Rex Tillerson! who lied to the American people and the world, while he suppressed science and issued fake news about the links between fossil fuels and climatechange. For how long?SINCE THE 1970s!!!
The horror of what went down in the Dakota protests will NOT be forgotten. We were begging Obama for mercy on their behalf, with very limited success. So its not a democrat or republican that will save us, its the people themselves. This!is a major victory, lets hope more are to come!


Don’t give up the fight!

Build alliances across the board of ecology, human rights, rule of law, financial transparency and justice, accountability.

And accountability figures mighty large these days.


Look up for the inevitable “other shoe”. I’m guessing they’ll be a move for at least a temporary injunction against this order. The rotund woman has yet to finish her vocalizations. When it comes to the fossil fuel industry, never say never.


Sadly, your pessimism is not unwarranted, but I’ll take two unlikely wins in a row as a sign that optimism isn’t yet obsolete.


How many taxpayer dollars has drumpf and the republicans wasted fighting losing court battles defending polluters and trespassers for their greedy corporate campaign donors?
November is coming!

" There’s battle lines being drawn
And nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Are gettin’ so much resistance from behind"
B. S.

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Fossil Fuel pipelines are killing America with their endless pollution of our air, land, and water.

A future of continously leaking pipelines is unsustainable to our ever expanding population.

If folks must drive, it would be wise to prepare for $6/gallon gas.

Perhaps then, government and industry will smarten up and start mass producing sustainable alternative energy sources and related products employing millions.

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There is always a higher court, until they get to Kavanaughville.

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“The Trump White House can boast and bluster all it wants…” Mitch Jones, Food and Water Watch

Wait for it – the corrupt, incompetent Trump bloviating about “This corrupt, incompetent judge…”


now, free leonard peltier.


help us stop the army corps of engineers and the so-called ‘pebble partnership’ here in alaska.

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Congratulations to the Sioux Nations! WATER IS LIF
I wish the oil companies and the army corps engineers understood that! AND Trump loses again!


When We support/Love Mother Gaia She will give us strength! Got to Keep on!


“I like beer!”


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This is a no-brainer. Choice: to either emisserate a member or three of the Oil Class, taking away their Country Club passes and yachts, or keep those PROFITS running, while they STEAL OUR RESOURCES TO SUPPORT THEIR OWN OBSCENELY UPHOLSTERED LIVES…

No conflicts here; I just follow the plain logic…

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