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Moore Is Less: Alabama, the Senate and the Nation Will Suffer


Moore Is Less: Alabama, the Senate and the Nation Will Suffer

Michael Winship

As the special election approaches, Republicans abandon morality for power.

A sign at a campaign rally for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore at Oak Hollow Farm on Dec. 5, 2017 in Fairhope, Alabama. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


Moore and Sessions are very representative of the people of Alabama. I lived there in the early nineties and can attest to that. I just pass through these days. If they elect Doug Jones, perhaps I’ll stop for awhile next trip.


I have idiocy overload. I am just more and more weary of the daily craziness and moronic acrobatics of the Right, which seems to be encompassing more and more of the American citizenry. More and more idiocy is normalized. I can’t keep up with it all. Every day the bar is lowered some more, to the point where ANYTHING is not really surprising any more. I am bone-weary and I feel dirty and unwashed from the filth that is becoming the new normal in this country. I talk to neighbors and co-workers and family members that I used to know as rational, evolved, intelligent, caring people - but who are now raving, idiotic, brainwashed, unethical cult members justifying absolutely atrocious policies and behavior by the Right that only a couple of years ago they would have scorned. I can’t keep up. I don’t want to. I want to hide in a dark cave with a bottle of whiskey and no electronics and wait for the end in peace.


Stop calling him judge…he’s a TWICE disgraced judge who had to be removed from office.


Meanwhile, the closest really-existing thing to their political opponents are devouring their own in a completely dysfunctional form of feminist “identity politics”, hyped by the corporate media because it oh-so-conveniently displaces all talk about capitalism, racism, imperialism/Zionism and other global injustices.

Now they are even hounding John Conyer’s son out of the party over a supposed “abuse” case that involving his ex-girlfriend attacking him with a knife and he defended himself, resulting in some minor injuries.

Edit: She was cheating on him…but I guess cheating only counts when the man does it…


All here need to listen again to Neil Young’s “Alabama” to remind yourselves how insane and fucked up states like Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana really are. And this song was written long before Roy Moore was ever known by anyone with the exception of a few HS girls.


Then you remember Alabama’s “great” guvnah George Wallace. This new apple didn’t fall too far from that tree.


I think it’s impossible to “disgrace” ANYONE from Alabama.


You really need to visit some cities like Birmingham and Jackson, It might change your mind about the politics of Alabama and Mississippi. Jackson has an openly black-radical Marxist Mayor and city council. In statewide contests, Alabama is not much different than Wisconsin or Michigan. Neil Young is a Canadian who, outside of the hip Laurel Canyon and other “fashionable” parts of California he hangs out in, knows very little about the USA.


I’m 71 and was down there in the late 70’s. Texas has Austin and there are small enclaves of liberalism in a lot of southern states. “Most” southern states are pretty backward in all sort of ways. Hell, I retired to Ar 16 yrs ago mainly because if was fucking cheap, certainly not for the bike trails and public transportation. Living in the south (especially since I lived in Chgo and surrounding suburbs for 54 yrs) has it’s advantages and niceties, but the area I live in I can count people with darker skin on one hand. Segregation is STILL here and has been even after 50+ yrs after the Civil and Voting rights acts.


It would seem that Alabama voters have more hatred for Democrats than they have love for their children, especially their daughters. We are, without a doubt, the most schizophrenic nation on Earth.


Actually, other than the segregation stance, Wallace governed as a Moderate. Today’s Republicans would consider him unacceptable.


Todays Republicans are ALL fucking crazy. I don’t believe either Reagan or Goldwater could be elected today. These days to run as a Republican you either must be certified insane or some kind of moral pervert.


Its pretty simple----could a Roy Moore run for the senate in any other area of the country???He was a District Attorney and was banned from a Mall for chasing after children???

This is about a culture of domination. And the many agreeing to be dominated.



“This is about a culture of domination. And the many agreeing to be dominated.”

Couldn’t agree more. The avowed purpose of the U.S. military is full spectrum dominance. Roy Moore will fit right in.


I’m now convinced that half of America is brain dead or worse when morality takes a backseat to power in a battle of narrow ideologies. A polarized world, black/white views do nothing to further an enlightened society, one that’s been regressing at an ever increasing pace of late. Morality? Pffft, who needs it? As long as “WE” get in, to put our mitts on the levers of power and exert “OUR” influence, things will turn out OK, or at least we think they will. Elections now take on an element of the sideshows of traveling carnivals of yesteryear, come on spend quarter and see the ‘freaks’ inside, your sure to be amused, park your morality though locked safely away in your car. Yeah the political system is broken here and needs a serious overhaul of humanity wants to survive 'till next century.


Deluze and Guattari were correct after all!


Yes, and thank you for mentioning Deleuze and Guatteri.


Roy Moore demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the politics of lesser evilism.

His support in Alabama is based on the notion that Democrats are all objectively evil, & must be opposed no matter what the cost, no matter how bad the stench of the opposing candidate.

This is why Progressives, Liberals & even Lefties held their noses & voted for Hillary. They believed that Trump was objectively evil, thus justifying their votes for a racist, misogynist, militararist, genocidal corporatist of the first order.

Anyone who suppresed his own conscience to vote for Hillary is no better than an Alabama Republican. Because an Alabama Republican is making the same calculation.

America is not a democracy. It is an authoritarian military dictatorship police state where citizens are kept in line by terror & hate.

Only when we can step away from the comforting superiority of our respective partisan bubbles will we ever figure out real solutions.


it hurts my heart and brain to hear those “evangelicals” who champion Moore. My God, he’s a degenerate! Vote for Doug Jones, our only hope in Alabama.