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'Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy': Trump Seizes on Bush-Era Torture Memo Author John Yoo's Call for Extralegal Executive Authority

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/20/moral-and-intellectual-bankruptcy-trump-seizes-bush-era-torture-memo-author-john


“Critics noted the reappearance of Yoo in making the case for expanded presidential powers and expressed regret that Obama, upon taking office in 2009, did not take action to hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes.”

Obama did not take action to hold the Bush administration accountable as an Iraqi war criminal, because Obama knew as POTUS he would have to be a war criminal too; otherwise, Obama would never have been allowed to be POTUS. And if he turned against being a future war criminal Obama knew he would meet the same fate as JFK, MLK and RFK!


Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump … I’ll see your crime against humanity and raise you one.


All POTUS that have been and are leaders of the Amerikan… Fourth Reich.


Trump stands on unrestrained executive actions of previous administrations. Let one get away with this is only setting up the next. It is a gradual but deadly and well documented process. We can thank Congress for continually ignoring the executive overstepping their bounds - usually in the pursuit of endless wars. Actions overseas have a way of coming home to roost.


Federal and unwanted thugs in Portland, Oregon are proof of your post.


Oh I do not think Obama feared assassination at all. He did not prosecute because he knew in doing nothing the things that Yoo outlined would become normalized in a future Presidency.

Obama was never really opposed to torture. He just mouthed words to make it appear he was.


Makes a lot of sense.

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The Dubya regime stripped due process rights from “enemy combatants”, while the Trump regime is stripping due process rights from “domestic terrorists”. Although neither label has ever been defined by the GOP, progressives identified the GOP as a domestic terrorist organization when Newt launched his contract on America a quarter century ago.


Keep in mind Obama and Nancy said we should look forward and ignore the war crimes of the Bush regime.
Go figure, when you let one criminal get away with murder another is just emboldened.
Mark my words, if Biden wins there will be no investigation of the Trump crime family.


Boy, it so figures that one depraved pos would look to another at least equally as depraved and unprincipled, as trump is now apparently looking to the odious scum Yoo to support him…one psychopath creep to another!

The deranged pos Yoo argued it would be just ducky and entirely legal to crush the testicles of a child to get his father to talk - spill the beans! How in all goddamn creation and sanity is Yoo still - or ever - a law professor at UC Berkeley?? He should have been in prison along with Bush, Cheney, et al in all justice - he should now be run-out of his law teaching position to never influence anyone toot-sweet!
Given the DP crony complicity with for-profit wars and torture and people like Obama being the definition of timid collusion, claiming to want to “look forward” - read coward co-conspirator - instead of holding scumbag criminal torturers to full and just account!

If I had my druthers Yoo would taste a bit of his own legal views…fuckin pos!


I agree my Progressive, friend.


The Trumptator’s brandishing of fYOO!, a mass destruction weaponized lawyer, at this time warns that his desperate endgame has shed the last shred of legal velvet that remained on the iron fist he intends to crush everything and anyone that stands between him and total power.
Yoo as Cheney/Shrub consigliere warped the fabric of Law to allow the United States government to torture, to search without warrant, to spy on American citizens, and to make the Preznit above the law. He has had years to practice his dark arts and no doubt forge new demonic constructs. Expect new Guantanamo Bays and black sites for peaceful protestors. Expect a new long train of abuses, usurpations, and repeated injuries pursuing invariably the same Object evincing a design to reduce us to live and die under absolute Despotism.


This country would have been a lot better off if this little fascist shit and his partners in crime had been disbarred, thrown in prison for ten years and shamed everywhere they went thereafter.

We tolerate fascism now, and that is a mistake that will come back to haunt us, if we survive it.


I’ve lamented O’Bummer’s & P’Loser’s failure to even try to prosecute Yoo and his fellow War Criminals Prince, Has­pel & Cheney (along with MANY others) so many times here on CD that readers are probably tired of reading my posts (although I still get an occasional “like”).   Our present POTUS (Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit) got elected based partly on the peoples’ disgust with O’Bummer being so great that they ignored Tweetle-Dumb’s own long history of corruption in order to take a chance on his promise of “change”.   Things have changed, all right — they’ve gotten even worse than they were under Reagan, Clinton and The Lying Son-of-a-Bush.


The guillotine is WAY too quick & painless, but a wood chopper might be o-k IF Yoo et al are lowered into it very slowly, like an upside-down version of Poe’s ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’.   These torture advocates deserve to feel a little pain themselves.


i’ll see you and raise you: cheney, rumsfeld, rice, kissinger.


Right. Criminals don’t prosecute criminals. They have a closet full of skeletons of their own.

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Yoo, Bolton, Abramson, Pompeo, Liz Cheney, funny how these scumbags just never go away, even with changes of administrations. It’s almost as if its one big club that keeps recurring, like the scum in your toilet.


Yes, I assumed feet first.  I said ‘upside down’ only because in Poe’s story the pendulum with the blade attached slowly descends toward the victim, rather than the victim slowly descending toward the blade(s).

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