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'Moral Courage and Conviction' Behind Primary Challenge to Rep. Josh Gottheimer—One of the Most Conservative House Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/moral-courage-and-conviction-behind-primary-challenge-rep-josh-gottheimer-one-most


Gottheimer is everything wrong with d-party.

He’s precisely the type of Blue Dog the Ds need to form a majority.
A majority that will cave to those Blue Dogs on almost every issue.
A Blue Dog who will then lose to a real Republican cuz it’s a swing district.
As progressives watch like helpless cowards because they’ve been told they have nowhere else to go.
America remains an oligarchy.
Forever and ever, amen.


Did Gottheimer really “flip” a GOP-held seat? Seems like more of the same.

Seems more likely a GOP mole in the Dem caucus. Or, at best, another corporate mole.


It would be easier to start a new party than wean the Democrat Party Corp off the money opposed to the People’s interests. A third party with 15% of the seats would be way more effective than 40% of the Democrat party being actual liberals, which is an impossible pipe dream. As long as the Democrats are, in the majority, loyal to big money brib, er donors, the Republicans will continue to set the agenda.


Agree, seems the dem party has quite a few of these fake dems. Gottheimer is a huge supporter of the zionists in israel also, actually bullying freshmen congress people who don’t support his view on the subject.


Under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but after the 2016 election I have come to the conclusion, that avenue is all but closed off until we remove the corrupt voting machines.


"Run Arati Run!"

We The People will support you.


Yeah, “WE” would have to be the ones to do it with sledgehammers and axes, as there is bi-partisan support for inaction on securing the voting process. The only explanation for that that I can imagine, is that the current Congress makeup shows where the republicans have vote rigging capacity, and where the democrats do. Since it’s working for the officeholders, they don’t want to change it. I’m open to other explanations, but I can’t think of any other credible ones myself.


A quick look at his Wikipedia page reveals he is a Clinton stooge, getting money from the same sources as the Clintons and from former Clinton staffers.

After Carter, the system was so badly skewed towards entrenched and established entities, the only way a candidate could have won was by wooing the same money sources that the fascists were doing in 91/92. Additionally none of the democrats who were also entrenched in the fascist system wanted Carter 2.0, so they moved right en masse. Plus, if you appease the Zionists, it solves a third of your monetary woes.

So the Clinton formula was adapted.

When you are fighting the corruption on so many fronts, your chances are slim.

AOC is not guaranteed a re election this go around - Clintonite democrats are doing everything to ensure she does not have an easy path.

But we gotta start somewhere. Gottforsaken is only 44.
Lets make him work the rest of his life.
Whether he is in or out of office.

Ms Arati Kreibich who is running in my district definitely has my vote, we need to cleanse the Democratic Party of Right Wing Republicans.

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