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'Morally Bankrupt': After Tax Cuts for Richest, House GOP Unveils $5.4 Trillion Attack on Nation's Safety Net


'Morally Bankrupt': After Tax Cuts for Richest, House GOP Unveils $5.4 Trillion Attack on Nation's Safety Net

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the nation's attention rightly fixated on President Donald Trump's horrific treatment of immigrant children, House Republicans on Tuesday quietly unveiled their 2019 budget proposal that calls for $537 billion in cuts to Medicare, $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, and four billion in cuts to Social Security over the next decade


Let me get this straight. Through FICA taxes which are withholding taxes the US Government is supposed to use the revenues to pay for Medicare and Social Security. They have already collected this monies from The US workforce which has paid into them for years.

Now they are saying that in order to finance tax cuts to INCOME Tax, those FICA monies already collected must be used to help balance the budget.

This is THEFT. This is like me paying 2000 a month for a Mortgage on a home wherein after 40 years I had the loan paid off and the bank saying “We lost money on the Deal we made with GE which has since declared Bankruptcy so your EQUITY in those home is ZERO as we are using the Monies paid to make up for those losses. We are repossessing the home”


Progressives have been warning for months about the GOP’s plan to axe crucial safety net programs following the passage of its deeply unpopular $1.5 trillion tax bill, which has sparked a boom of corporate stock buybacks while doing little to nothing for most American workers.

And what exactly is their organizing strategy to mobilize people to stop this shit? Whine? Tweet? Say it’s all Trump’s fault? Say they’re better than the Rethugs – conveniently forgetting about the OB “Grand Bargain” that was only stopped by the hardest-right Rethugs because they are so racist they couldn’t even support him when he ran their agenda?

We’re our own, kiddies. Have been for a long time.



This has been Paul Ryan’s dream. Something he came up with in his HS/College Years. He got his Tax Cut Dream now he wants this before he leaves Congress at the end of this year. He’s like a snake, slithering around in dark places, hidden from the light of day. He received $400,000 from KOCH Bros a few days after he got Tax Cuts passed. How much will he get for this? Why did he take that money from Koch’s when he wasn’t going to run for reelection & how’s he made it so he can keep it for personal use?


Horrible, immoral, from a macroeconomic perspective, insane. Having said that, what the fuck is the Democrats’ plan?! What is the vision? If we give THESE particular Democrats power, what will they do to see better policy outcomes, what would make them more effective fighters against this type of stuff, and what will they do to fight the top donors behind the Republicans, as well as their own top donors? Thing is, I don’t have to ask and no one needs to answer. No one knows, cause the Democrats have no coherent set of policies nationally, and their leadership thinks that nothing radical needs to change, and their leadership supports (without exception) candidates dead set against policies that would actually address our largest issues, progressive policies that are popular and would work better than the policies their chosen candidates support. And before anyone responds with the “we just need to beat the Republicans”, keep in mind that this context, which people like Pelosi don’t radically want to change, led to Trump. We on the left are not trying to reason with clear thinking and moral people, we are trying to reason with corrupt politicians that are cut off from the rest of the country, and them winning or losing will be determined by how much they inspire people to actually vote. The Republicans are entirely beatable, but only if the Democrats get people to care enough to vote. What exactly are they doing to get people to have faith in this system, them or to show that they are a viable alternative that will fight for working people? Cause if what I have seen in this primary season, really since the 2016 primaries, is any sign, not a fucking thing. It seems to amount to: 1. Trump is horrible. 2. Russia. 3. Stormy Daniels.

And they aren’t even competent enough to explain how bad the economy is for most people. How hard is it, given the totality of the data? Is all you have to do to nullify any critique of the economy is to site the unemployment rate (been on a constant downward trajectory long before Trump took office)?


The ruling class in every society goes to great lengths to ossify class structure and impede true social mobility. For a brief stint, in the decades following implementation of the New Deal, the USA stood out as an example of how to stimulate and rehabilitate many layers of society. As the New Deal is being unwound by four decades of death by a thousand slices, the “American Dream” does in fact become what George Carlin described as something “that in order to believe in it you have to be asleep”. Class war is real and it is part and parcel of America. Democratic mechanisms can only be of use if the apathy and distractions of the masses can be ameliorated. Good luck to us all.


How do you like this sneer?


Hold a piece of paper exactly over the center of Paul Ryan’s face in the photo accompanying the article.

Cover the right side of his face. Look at just the left side. Look at the expression on his face.

Now cover the left side of his face. Look at just the right side. Look at the expression on his face.

Two TOTALLY different expressions.

He is LITERALLY two-faced.

There is a psychological reason his face is so twisted.


Is there a way we could sue these bastards for stealing from us?


Back to the Koch brothers and the radical libertarians on this one. I think they have clearly stated they want to end all social programs to achieve their dream of economic liberty. It doesn’t matter how many people are hurt as long as their money is not taken by the government to help other people. The Tea Party people came to Washington to do away with most of the government. So far they have been largely thwarted but obviously they have not given up. This is sort of the complete opposite of Bernie Sander’s agenda.


Will the fascists never be happy until there’s nothing but dead bodies littering the country - from starvation because we can’t afford food, keep a roof over our heads or pay for medical care…


Well I am a Canadian so this does not affect me , but it still an injustice foisted on working peoples in favor of the rich. Poverty and homelessness are rising in the USA and the response is to cut programs that help the poorest of its citizens?

I really do not know what you guys can do down there other then abandon that duopoly and start insisting that those claiming themselves as progressives and running for office do not operate under the umbrella of the Democratic party. The reason the Republicans can get away with this IMO is because The Democratic party has for years abandoned the people in favor of the Corporation.

I would hope my fellow Canadians see the USA as an example of what NOT to do and that support Corporatist parties.

I can offer you this.

Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment states, at its outset, that “[t]he validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.” This section was inserted into the Amendment because of a very real concern that Southern political leaders, and their Northern allies, would gain the upper hand in Congress in the 1866 or 1868 elections and vote to repudiate the national debt.


What is the democratic response? It’s simple. They are against the cuts. But, remember, you have to compromise and give the other side a little bit of what they want. Heads they win, tails you lose. Funny how that works.


You can not cut these programs before a real tax reform, that is ridiculous. I want the vast majority of government programs cut, but it has to be done after a flat tax is implemented, It also has to come with a cut to the military budget. You can not take help from people, while the government is still using the tax system and entry restrictions to help huge corporations squash medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs.


Lets start over:


Isn’t it time to bring the guillotine into service in the 21st century?


You kill a snake by cutting off its head.


Flat tax?
You utter knucklehead, that’s why we’re in this mess. We effectively had a flat tax in Bush senior’s years when the top tax bracket kicked in at $28,600! What part of that even remotely worked?! The answer none of it God dam it! He had to raise taxes despite his read my lips pledge because you can’t keep cutting taxes and make the ends of the government meet without huge deficit which means borrowing money from foreign entities to make it up. Payments to foreign entities don’t provide jobs for Americans
Flat tax? Flathead! Never again, for Christ sake, read history get a fucking clue and until then shut the fuck up! You can’t pay for the social safety net and defense with a flat tax it’s been tried.


That’s only half the story. Employers are required to MATCH each employee’s FICA withholding. Furthermore, the self-employed pay a self-employment tax (in addition to to an employee’s normal contribution) to make up for not having the employer’s matching contribution.


Not true.
The Self Employed pay the entire 12% of the social security and medicare taxes, not just half as do people who have an employer who pays the other half. Is not a self employment tax, You’re not up victim for happened to pay it either. Jeez I’ve worked for myself and when the money comes in the 1st 33% of it goes into an account to pay taxes. It’s unfathomable. why other self employed people can’t do that. It’'s not that they can’t it’s they choose not to So they can go buy a new motorcycle car or toy. They’re mostly poor money managers… And the recent tax bill is a give away to the self employed who also have a few employees, with their “pass through” revenue tax changes.