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'Morally Bankrupt' Budget: After $1.5 Trillion Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $1.7 Trillion in Safety Net Cuts


'Morally Bankrupt' Budget: After $1.5 Trillion Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $1.7 Trillion in Safety Net Cuts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Those wondering how President Donald Trump plans to pay for the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich he signed into law last year got their answer on Monday, when the White House unveiled its 2019 budget (pdf) blueprint that calls for $1.7 tril


Psychopath-in-Charge. Can’t wait to see his flying monkeys prance, prevaricate, flap and twist to justify this obscenity.


Every sentient being on the planet saw this coming. This is the real threat to America’s future, not “Russian fake news” or the posturings of Pusillanimous Putin!


No money for healthcare but oh wow plenty for warfare.


Yep, we saw it coming, now it’s in writing and what do bet ryan and mitch are gleefully eating their lunch savoring every bite. Pigs at a trough.


I do not purport to know if it is true or not, but many Eastern religions believe in Karma. And what some claim, is because of mass karma the U.S. has the President and Vice President we deserve. Different perspective, true or not!


The current Oilagarchy’s grand or great grandparents lived in the “Guilded Age,” when life was lived as they feel it should be today. Life when the obscenely wealthy drove their carriages from party to party past crowds of ragged, hungry, often homeless people, begging for food or a little money to keep the roof over their children’s heads. Sometimes, they would throw hands-full of dimes into the crowds, to laugh and watch them scramble for them.
*The goal of the current crop is to turn this country’s life back into “The Natural Order of Things,” where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, sicker, hungrier, colder.
*With no more safety net, the body count will be very high, especially in cold, or very hot, weather. Disease will run rampant. Children’s mortality will continue to soar, but the coffers of the wealthy will just continue to grow.
*After all, “That is the natural order of things!”
*A pox on all their chickens!


This is nothing less than 100% sadism. If you agree, please spread “the s word.” Perhaps it’ll gain traction because, in my view, we (the little people) have nothing with which to fight this diseased mentality that quite clearly does not care whether we live or die.


We don’t seem to have that option. If Congress doesn’t do it, I don’t see how that happens.


When it comes to morality, the US under TrumpubliCONS is deep in debt.


If karma is true and what we have now is a result of mass karma then what the prictator/turtle butt and peewee ryan are doing as we write, will also get a hefty dose of that self-same karma …


Guillotine the narcissistic hoarding dregs!


Before we get to the guillotine part we have to take our pitchforks to the mayor’s office to get the whole thing going…:wink:


Trump supporters don’t pay attention to the details, only Trump’s blather of lies.


In that case, lets hope it is true!


Vote out all these Republicon MF’ers!!!


The final death-knell of a free republic! As others write, anyone paying attention saw this shite coming as the clear intention to rob, rape, pillage and sell our nation grew and grew with every despicable trump atrocity. A rope waits for them all if there was any justice!

The R’Cons are trump co-conspirators, and their rotten boats will sink along with the odious trump family - so much for the party of Lincoln, even a child should see their perfidy.

The DINO Democratic corporate-whore establishment are likewise complicit, never failing to serve their corporate big-money masters, but hiding it better. They will huff and puff at this obscenity, but at the end of the day be craven contemptible lap-dogs complicit to the destruction and theft of what’s left of America after trumps first year! No honor left there…

R’Cons have sold their own political future to trump madness, greed, corruption and self-interest along with selling-out America! Corporate-whore schumer Dem sellout swine will be proven the running dogs they are, absent moral compass and courage. The likelihood of cleaning house of complicit DP swine and push a progressive/left/independent response as likely as pigs flying! Actual resistance rather than the usual weak or absent charade, a very long shot given recent DP history and dominant power of “free-speech” money over integrity and politics, that chance seems slim to none…MoFo’s all!


I can`t read everything, but I do read a fair amount. Perhaps I´m just looking in the wrong places, but I haven´t read anyone naming this “murder,” or the folks who perpetrate these policies and vote for this stuff “murderers.” Perhaps there are legal reasons for not using such harsh terms, or maybe it´s just out of fashion to use them, like not referring to the killing of innocent civilians by means of current bombing campaigns.mass murder. Anyone want to offer pros and cons on this?


I remember asking my Dad, many years ago, "How important do you have to be, to be assassinated instead of murdered?"


It will be “state sponsored manslaughter” when someone dies from what they are doing. Murder has to be through direct action one on one, that sort of thing but this is manslaughter and I have used the term before, here and other places as well during the fight over the ACA mess.