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'Morally Bankrupt' Budget: After $1.5 Trillion Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $1.7 Trillion in Safety Net Cuts


You are so right, mealouts. Many of TPTB, and evangelists have bomb shelters and even stock piles of food stuff and water. What they do not consider is eons of time that will be necessary for radiation levels to fall and the environment to clear, if it ever happens. The fact that these generals did not give a damn about the millions of Americans dead and the destruction of the planet’s environment is enough to despair for the future of our country.


Thanks, Garry


heard enuf yet from this fascist racist bigot? Why are you not all in the streets, stopping this amerika from ruining the rest of our lives??? we need to be in front of all offices of all levels of government demonstrating for what we will not put up and more importantly WHAT WE WANT, something the damn democrats have still not put forth, a vision we can work for. STOP THE MACHINERY OF CORPORATIONS, and all other entities that oppress and destroy our lives daily.


Remember the Puritans thought like that also- all work and no play they thought would get them into “heaven” . Actually all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!


When are you going to start demonstrating?


And how is someone diagnosed as a socio? Rmember Dump’s businesses often get sued, he has broken the emoluments clause- and still he is in office!


TPTB- what is that?


What is the American people to do? It’s what are the American people to do? Actually, wake up and stop spending all the free time at Wal MArt!


Yes, that is correct- what I was referring to though is that that is what it was called way before any European greedhead arrived.


Trump may be an ugly baby, but he is our baby. What goes around comes around on so many levels.


Remember this anger and sociopathy increased after the crash of '08, and people need to get their anger out- it’s just at the wrong people!


It isn’t just the rethugs- when will you get that- it’s about much more than who is in office- it’s about greed , and where do we go from here as a people, as a nation and as a planet.


It isn’t just about Dump- it’s about narcissism, greed, people constantly reproducing and not paying attention to what is important - only about money and materialism.


The original anger against Trump was a big media psyop. Now he has become the war psychos cats meow.


You can thank the Deporables for these cuts. Hear that Red States, you all are going to the dogs quick march!


In a democracy, you get the government you deserve!


It’s not just them- it’s mainly the zillionaires who are getting their tax cuts.


It looks to me like the reverse is true. The 1.5 trillion in tax cuts means people keep their own property. The 1.7 trillion in safety net cuts, mean people get less of someone else’s property.


I hear this argument a lot. Then I look at the folks who tend to use it, and find that money matters so little to them that they’re all about backing the govt taking it from people against the target’s explicit will. If money doesn’t matter, then act like it. Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter then stand behind threatening someone in order to take their money, because all you’re doing there is proving you value the money more than not threatening them.


Perhaps in part because we are not permitted to vent at the right people.