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'Morally Bankrupt' Budget: After $1.5 Trillion Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $1.7 Trillion in Safety Net Cuts


An acronym for The Powers That Be.


They always got their property. Cutting into public ed while you keep your own money? Where is your head at? I would rather have a civil decent society that is fair and just does not benefit the wealthy? I suppose the crash that started with the banksters on Wall Street was okay with you?


I like that.


Value the services that will end - like education, healthcare, clean water, clean air etc. Who threatened to take away your money? We pay taxes, but I do not want the government rewarding the corporations, the one percenters etc on the backs of programs that were put there by the people and are now set to lose due to greed.


Well- that is a point- but if the sheeple just let it ride as they have then everyone thinks it is okay.


Clearly you are a troll, and this is a site for progressives not for people like you.


His nom de plume stands for Occam’s razor. He’d better be very careful when he shaves.


Yes! He should


Right, but on a certain level, we are all “sheeple,” insofar as ALL that we have as redress is the vote, and our freedom to express our opinion to our Congressional reps. As far as I can see, that is IT.


The Wicked Moron of the North’s flying monkeys believe now that the rich got big tax handouts, they will spread their ill gotten loot around like the good christian’s they are, and no one will need public assistance anymore.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


A “morally bankrupt” budget from a morally bankrupt president and his morally bankrupt regime and enablers. Scumbags all, because they know what this budget will do to many tens of millions of innocent Americans who deserve much better than the wholesale looting of their country. I’m tempted to call this a form of sociopolitical treason by these heartless assholes led by trash like Paul “Lyin” Ryan, Mitch “Turtle Boy” McConnell and others including Mick Mulvaney, Stephen Miller and the rest of this bunch of gangsters under the Mango Mussolini. This is an extension of what the Rethug party is all about - ideology over reason and party over country. I’d like to see every one of these fuckers in prison.
The real question now is - how long will the Democrats allow this to go on without doing everything they can to resist or defeat it? They have been pretty fucking useless so far and, as we have seen since at least Bill Clinton’s era, they are willing to “deal” with the Rethugs, even on some of their most odious objectives. Instead of being the true opposition party they are supposed to be I can see some of their mucky mucks like Charles Schumer sitting down with the Rethugs to see how they can make this crap as compatible as possible to the American public. Gee, maybe we’ll be treated to another photo of Schumer and Pelosi sitting down with Trumpo the Klown to talk about some deals. Trump is really good at making deals. Oh wait, he lied. He has had 6 bankruptcies and walked away from them to let others clean up the mess. Looks to me as if he is getting ready to create the biggest boondoggle of his detestable career - the bankruptcy of the U.S., financially, politically and morally.
And while its happening his idiot supporters in their $40 Trump “MAGA” caps will cheer him on. Let’s all look forward to that obscene “parade” that Trumpo wants to glorify himself with.
I have to say - there are times when I simply can’t believe this is happening. I am so deeply ashamed of what we have become.


It didn’t start with the banksters, it started with Federal mismanagement of it’s ‘regulation’.

That said, the banks should have been allowed to fail, not propped up. The only thing anyone actually internalizes is the risk of not being bailed out, and this would have served far more notice than saying bad boys, now here’s your bailout.


Isn’t it greed to want what you didn’t earn from someone else’s paycheck?


If America was where it should be in 2018, Trump would be impeached out of office. He is horrifically sexist and racist. But somehow for one of our major parties, that doesn’t count because they are sexist and racist.

I don’t know if the country can move FORWARD instead of backward with Trump toward the same old, same old racism and sexism. A major party in 2018 that can’t understand this, they need to be blasted out of office. The main problem that I see is that the Americans that should be showing up at the ballot box are not doing that. If you are non racist and not voting you are part of the main problem of this nation. That is what elected Trump.



Yes, they are both evil. That is, both parties of the Duopoly are run by Establishment politicians that are doing the bidding of the Oligarchs, who remain unknown, and these humans who are driven totally by Greed and Hatred, do have nothing but “bad intent” for the masses.

I personally will never again vote for either of these parties.

In my remaining years above ground, I will only vote for those who put People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.

Others, will have to vote to support the Murder and Human Suffering that the Duopoly enables the Military Industrial Complex to profit from.

Save your soul and support Peaceful Coexistence with all nations.


Jeez, these greedy, heartless assholes even got the name wrong. It should be called
"The Anti-American, Pro-Oligarch Budget". There, fixed it.


Come to my city and test them on my mayor … she is soooo blonde! She came out a couple of months ago to crow about the $10 million surplus the city has … and yet everywhere we drive there are potholes so big they could swallow a Smart Car!


The Corporate Fascists are going to use their orange stooge to loot the world dry. Then they will use him as their convenient fall guy. He just bloviates on twitter and does their bidding. It is…perfect (from their point of view.)


Yes, and please let it hammer them by March 1st!


And Demorats…