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'Morally Bankrupt' Budget: After $1.5 Trillion Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $1.7 Trillion in Safety Net Cuts


Joe Lieberman will get to work, crafting some kind of “bi-partisan” agreement with Trump/Ryan, that he can catapult to Corporate State Democrats to use. It will be all centrist and stuff. (yes I know, he is no longer a Senator, but a think-tanker)

That jerk has been brainstorming for years and years how to “save”, rather destroy earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare. It’s his neoliberal shtick.

Corporate Democrats will of course be all ears to No Labels “moving forward”.

And yes, I know, I know, I know that Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party are Corporate State Republicans. Yes, I get it.


Good segue for my comment…ARRRGGGGHHH! Stupid, limited-attention-span Schmuck in Chief isn’t capable of even reading and understanding this budget, much less of proposing it.

Paul Ayn Ryand is capable of it, tho, especially emotionally and heartlessly.

We need to know exactly who put these heinous ideas forward so we can go after them, each and every one. Congressmen, lobbyists, Kochs, ALEC and Heritage Foundation creeps, (speaking of creeps) Mulvaney, staffers, …WHO are the individuals?

I hate reading “Trump’s budget” or giving him the credit for any other heinous idea he spews, like the Wall or tearing apart immigrant families. WHO are the people feeding and manipulating him?

Let us go after them.


S, do you think we can/will have a revolution where wethedividedpeople will unite and rise up against the oiligarchy, the fascists, and the Nazis? If so, what would you envision? By when? Outcome?

I’m serious.


You nailed it. They are using Dump, and it’s almost laughable that HE thinks HE’S pulling one over on THEM as he prances, preens, self-pleases, and parades…


Yes, that is the general idea. But the issue remains … who do you replace them with? Voting them out of office requires other candidates running for office as Democrats or independent candidates. When the Democrats become the Republican Lite Party disguised as an alleged alternative, we have no real alternative. Independent parties and candidates are nice to see on the ballot but they tend to divide the non Republican vote out to the point of insuring a Republican victory. America desperately needs the Democrats to truly become an alternative to the Republican Party instead of being the Republican Lite Party.


I live in a very rural and very white region that will be hard hit by these cuts, and have been repeatedly amazed by the durability of Trump’s appeal to my neighbors. Cancer, heart disease, opiate addiction, obesity, alcoholism diabetes - these are the real threats to people’s lives around here but many white working class Americans have transferred their fears and anxieties to imaginary terrorists and murderous immigrants. As public health declines in rural America, it is not surprising that people seize at any fantasy that staves off real fears, but Trump is the first politician cynical and shrewd enough to play constantly to that futile desire to escape from what is becoming a very grim reality.


Until their donations dwindle to nothing, would be my guess.


Can pundits and anchors now at long last stop asking why Republicans support this POTUS and Ryan in particular? This is why. Conservatives have sought to dismantle the New Deal for 100 years. Americans now need to decide the type of country they want. 2018 will tell a lot.


Obstruct, resist… BDS.
We the people will prevail.


Leftist think tanks, Occupy resolve and presence. BDS, tactics not yet practiced or those used and shown effective.
Unfortunately, political discourse in The U.S. Inc…seems in the hands of tyranny.


If all the workers actually “earned” what they actually were worth, then 90% of all wealth would never be in the hands of so few!


Well then, it’s kinda like a split personality isn’t it?


Are you sleeping with one of Ayn Rand’s crappy books under your pillow?


What I find lacking right now is the public outrage toward Trumps government of, by and for the rich. Where is the outrage? It looks like apathy to me, the same apathy that made the 2016 election the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. Apathy. Democrats in 2016 offered a veteran insider in Hillary Clinton while polls back then demonstrated Bernie could have run against Trump and won. The only real energy and attitude I see in the Democratic Party right now are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

But is true that Hillary got over 2 million more votes from American voters than Trump. Unfortunately that put the election into the hands of the dysfunctional Electoral College, and they were the ones that gave us Trump with many electors not voting for the choice of the majority of population in their districts. Trump is horrific and we desperately need a real alternative to Trump running against Trump in the next presidential election. By 2020 he will have a horrific track record as president.




2018 will only tell a lot, “if” hand counted paper ballots are used.

Machines used to count or record or transfer votes, will end up like 2016.


Yep, it’s your ABC’s all over again:


Humans. Apparently we are all “not” taught the same things in school.


TPTB stands for The Powers that Be. They are the rich men and a few women who run things in our world.


Atlas did What? :-))) Is your pillow on the floor?


You may be right.