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'Morally Bankrupt': Trump Budget to Call for $54 Billion Hike to Military


'Morally Bankrupt': Trump Budget to Call for $54 Billion Hike to Military

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump will propose a federal budget that ramps up defense spending by $54 billion and slashes "lower-priority" programs across agencies by an equal amount, the White House announced Monday.


Trump has always said that he means what he says. And people have loved him for it. But now that words are becoming deeds I hope those same defenders realize that what he means is to destroy them in pursuit of military dominance at all cost. And for no other reason than he thinks that is what makes us strong, and not all the good work at home and around the globe that has gone before him.

I’m not a religious person, but I pray these supporters wake up before it is too late!


One thing for sure.

Highest priority for protection will be Trump hotels and their guests.

Show us the MONEY, D J !! Show us your taxes!!

Not a request. This is a demand.


WTF - more money for the military? For what?


Oh please Mr president may I have more war?


We can only hope that those who are hurt the most will be Trump’s supporters, but it probably won’t turn out that way.


Well, at least we can see where his “jobs” will be coming from…Anyone paying attention to trumps verbiage and hints in-between his mindless blather would not have expected anything else…a brazen continuation of the destruction and contempt der trumpenfuhrer has exhibited over the last month since his obscene inauguration.
Take from the poor to give to the rich and well-connected is his “businessman” mantra of greed, and we still have 2 years before the next “election” (whatever difference that might make to congress) and 4 years until the conniver in chief must stand before the people - should be standing in the dock before a trip to the gallows - given enough rope he will hang himself. One can only hope he will be removed from office much sooner for criminal violations of law - too bad we don’t at present have a real opposition party…only millions in the streets and much solidarity of purpose…“the sleeper has awakened!”…there ain’t no justice, just US!


The increase in military spending is just part of the big grift. A lot of that money will go to consultants, contractor and sub-contractor profit and cost “overruns”. Watch Erik Prince, Donald’s pal, get a piece of that action as well.



Imperialist budgets are nothing new to the U.S. Since 1945, but especially with the Vietnam War, the Reagan build-up, and Bush II & Obama’s “War on Terror”, military spending has always been a higher priority than a social safety net.

The corporate war profiteers have a death grip on Congress and every President, as well as on corporate media, with their links to the war profiteers and advertising for the war machine, especially during pro football games.

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Waste, waste, waste. More money down the memory hole, into the pockets of arms producers. Trump’s version of a “jobs program.”


Oh boy, he’s really going to take the iron to those muslins, now!


What more proof do you need that America has been and is a military dictatorship, supported by bogus and manufactured enemies? A Fascist wolf wrapped in the sheep’s clothing and the flag of being a democracy.


While I agree that so-called “Defense” spending has been ridiculously high regardless of administration, it is also true that as a percentage of GDP it went down under Carter, Clinton and Obama and it went up under Reagan and Bush.


Obviously not very well as the idiot-in-chief is still here!


Yep, see there – went up under our elected REPTARD[ed] terrorists!


I don’t expect msm’s liberal pundits will complain, after all the Russians are coming, if they do, it is pure hypocrisy on their part. Hysteria about the Russians and Putin destroying democracy in the West is sweeping away all in its path. People like Rachel Maddow, Bill Moyers, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, papers like The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and too many more to list…all poking the Bear, without a shred of evidence, but playing with nuclear fire nonetheless. Neocons all, pouting over Hillary’s loss, and therefore their places in positions of power. This crowd has created a climate of opinion that will make it nearly impossible to prevent increased military spending, let alone cut it.


Did you happen to see this on Huffpost?

What a guy!



Wow. Trump calls for a military build up and its Hillarys fault.


There’s always a Clinton hiding in the closet . . .


Trump didn’t serve in the military and has no idea what war really means, well except for the money part. I feel ashamed of this man.