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'Morally Obscene,' Says Sanders as McConnell Adjourns Senate for Month-Long Recess Without Deal on Coronavirus Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/morally-obscene-says-sanders-mcconnell-adjourns-senate-month-long-recess-without


Vanita quote misses the very important assistances required.

Mark Meadows, house heritage caucus infamy, is the person shutting down any negotiating.

Senate republicans are half against any more federal. That is why Moscow M. steps aside. To keep his leadership position.

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Rescind the damn tax cuts to these cretins!

Rather than paying taxes they think the government–that’s us–should borrow from them. Rather than them paying taxes they would see the working class jump out the windows this time, seniors and disabled can just drop dead, millions can drop dead with no health insurance and in the time of pestilence to boot along with those frontline workers who risk their lives for us all. This is stuff of revolutions!


“Morally Obscene” describes every single thing that the GOP and Trump administration has been ‘allowed’ do the constitutional democratic republic - Which we no longer are - We are now a fascist oligarchical corporatist criminal enterprise, that can no longer be called a government “of, by, and for the people”. And to add salt to the wound, they are being ‘allowed’ to continue the damage until Jan. 20, 2021, and then maybe even continue to be ‘allowed’ to “win”. It was, and still is, the “allowing” that’s the problem, not the criminal opportunists. Pogo was correct.


Par for the course with this bunch.


Maybe the STATES should all stop sending taxpayer money to DC
and let’s see what happens – ?

How about rescinding Trump’s tax cuts for the rich – ?

How about Dems making it illegal to use Social Security as a slush fund
for Elite wars?

Any other suggestions?


Return to the income tax structure of the 1950s… I mean why not it’s where they want to put everything else (i.e. back in the 50s)


Umm, no. They don’t want to go back to the `50s.

They want to go back to the 1890s. Except with iPhones and limousines, private helicopters and jets, oh, and dick pills.


I agree about restoring those high tax-rates for the wealthiest and corporations - the tax structure has been lowered repeatedly since the '50’s and enabled vast wealth to be accumulated in few hands and buy politicians, media, candidates and elections, and then legislation that further reduced fair taxation to benefit the wealthiest -. the public sector - the people - and public needs cut and cut until today there is “no money” for education , health care, environmental care, the USPS and much more - all the things that I believe make a nation truly “great”.
We must, IMO, and apparently yours, restore fair taxation to fund the nation and people first, not the oligarchy and private profits. That word RESTORE is important, because corporate politicians and hacks always say “raise taxes”, not restore - “raise taxes” is a dog-whistle, a term to instill fear and opposition to fair taxation for the Common Good, and distort the justice of “restoration” an important distinction in terms in my view…


In ordinary times, this being an election year, adjourning the Senate for a month wouldn’t be unusual. But, these are not ordinary times, far from it.

They’ve been doing a nice bit of jiujitsu, using the government against itself, using every flaw in the process to their advantage. They’ve done everything they can to make the pandemic worse. They’re trying to starve out state and local governments, the revenues of which have dropped dramatically. They’re in the process of raping, torturing and murdering the post office, in the hopes that such will make voting by mail impossible. The ban on foreclosures and evictions has not been extended, which means that many, many people won’t have a fixed address to receive ballots by mail, and those addresses will likely be cross-referenced to voter registration lists so that eager little fascists in the local GOP offices can send out caging postcards to get them stricken from the voter rolls.

Something is in the works. Wouldn’t dare predict what it might be, since T.rump is nothing if not unpredictable. But, whatever it is, it ain’t good.


Mitch McConnell’s version of let them eat cake. Time to sharpen some guillotines, because there are many co-conspirators. Time to party like it’s 1789. Class war is never pretty and seldom ends well, especially for the oppressed. Perhaps it’s time for me to listen yet again to Les Miserable. To the barricades.


What’s also morally obscene is the suppression of a third party - a real opposition party - to the two sides of the coin of wealth, exploitation and usury; silenced by the corporate duopoly media and kept from public political events.
If this nation is to end the domination of two parties dedicated to greed and power, for profits above all else, for-profit wars and MICC, environmental extinctions, destruction and pollution, and predatory health-care - predatory everything really, there must be a real alternative - a real opposition that can be heard , but that is anathema to the two dominant corrupt party establishments, to the great detriment of the entire nation and people - to a sustainable future and honest governance! Either a new party of the Green Party that cannot gain traction due to suppression by the PTB.



Yeah i have one an only one suggestion , but i can post it for fear of Trumps private hit squad taking me to some undisclosed location never to be seen again .


I have no idea how nearly half of the American public vote for these GOP devils, who have no love whatsoever for the people. It bewilders me.


They are sociopaths, clear and simple. They don’t have the capability of empathy.


The end game of the Powell plan, laid out in the early 1970’s, is upon us.
Libertarians and conservatives (and unfortunately many of their “moderate” democratic peers) have all but destroyed any confidence that the American people had in their government. That’s what the game was, thats what it’s always been. Since the end of the civil war the oligarchy has been plotting a fascist takeover of the USA. They failed in the first gilded age because the masses used the government to stop them. However, the oligarchy of this age has figured out the mistakes of their predecessors. You can’t just force Fascism down people’s throats. You have to make it a viable alternative to what they have.
Fast forward to today. After 50 years of of seemingly bloated and inefficient government, almost half the people of the USA genuinely believe that government no longer has a pivotal role in their lives.
In short, the people of the USA are now seeing fascism as a viable alternative to democracy. We have learned to love Big Brother.


Half the American public are sociopaths? I’m hoping most GOP voters are simply naïve, and not devils.

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Of course not half are sociopaths… only a small minority… like Moscow Mitch. Most are just uninformed. Thanks for making me clarify that. Oy!


A recent survey showed that 50% of white voters still prefer Trump! 50% fucking percent! Even after his dictator behavior and daily assault against our constitution. I can’t imagine how white voters are the only racial demographic to support a guy who espouses white supremacy…oh, wait a minute…never mind.


Prepare for a lot of executive action in the absence of the “lawmakers “