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Morally Reprehensible: The Attack on MOVE


Morally Reprehensible: The Attack on MOVE

In what many deem "the pinnacle of police brutality" - and the only time the U.S. has bombed its own citizens - Philadelphia police 30 years ago today fired 10,000 rounds at a house holding the Black Power group MOVE, dropped an explosive and then infamously decided to "let the fire burn." The ensuing conflagration killed 6 adults and 5 children, and destroyed 61 homes. A report later called the police response "a criminally evil act." Nobody - think Ferguson - was ever held accountable.


What more proof do you need to prove one main thing…That is we are governed by idiots…thugs,criminals in suits…To do what they did and get away with it is scary to say the least…At least half the local government should have been locked up and charged with terrorism…To burn down a city block terrorize its inhabitants kill innocent children and no one gets charged or goes to jail…The one running this show should have been put into prison…The mayor the DA the chief of police to name a few.


Americans are nazis. Plain and simple.


How is it possible to write this story and never mention Wilson Goode,the mayor of Philadelphia? At the time it happened he was most prominently blamed. In any case he was responsible either because he gave the orders, or was criminally negligent.


bombing children was not illegal because the force of the bomb “was applied only against” the adults. In the end, nobody - that’s nobody - was ever prosecuted.

Is that the best defense that those defending the police could come up with? And that was good enough to give the police a pass? I have heard better defenses on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


European-americans are!


Sanctioned lynchings by police. Jim Crow lives on.


NO! That was not the only time the US has bombed its own citizens. The US bombed its own citizens from aircraft during the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921.

“During the 16 hours of the assault, more than 800 people were admitted to local white hospitals with injuries (the two black hospitals were burned down), and police arrested and detained more than 6,000 black Greenwood residents at three local facilities. An estimated 10,000 blacks were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire. The official count of the dead by the Oklahoma Department of Vital Statistics was 39, but other estimates of black fatalities vary from 55 to about 300.”

Also, bombs were dropped from planes on the striking mine workers during the Battle of Blair Mountain, interestingly, also in 1921!

DO NOT FORGET IT!!! Now that they’ve got drones, it will probably happen again! I bet they’re just itching for an excuse to bomb some blacks or hippies from a drone. As is usual, they’ll probably manufacture a reason just to flex their muskle in everyone’s face so its ingrained in us who’s really the boss in this country. So much for freedom, democracy, and violence free public discourse.


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I agree with “Gritona”. When I first read the story I tried, but failed, to recall the name of the Mayor.
Wasn’t he a former police official who ran on a strict law enforcement model?

Thanks also to the writers who reminded us of the Tulsa and Blair Mountain events.

American history is replete with incidents of state violence against civilians, workers, and minorities.

Jim Shea


The state you all love here in action.


Churchill “approved” the use of gas bombs against the Iraqis in 1920, but it appears that the weapons were not actually used. So it’s wrong to imply that the Iraqis were bombed with mustard gas. Incidentally, the gas being considered for use was tear-gas, not mustard gas. Tear gas was not used, because the rebellion that the Brits were trying to put down was over before the shells could be transported from Egypt.There were also technical problems with dropping gas-bombs from WW1 era biplanes. Non of this prevented the story that Churchill was responsible for gas-bombing the Iraqis become an established “fact”. What is clear, though, is that he would have liked to have done it, had he and the RAF had the the means.He certainly discussed it.


God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.


Let’s also not forget the massacre of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX in 1993 where 76 people including women and children were burned to death by the ATF.


The ATF and the DEA have outlived their usefulness they need to be banned…They have turned into gestapo ss…They are all a bunch of idiots with badges…Thugs and crooks.


History indeed repeats itself. When power is threatened, life is cheap. I do believe that the first time the US bombed its own citizens, these citizens were striking miners in West Virginia. President Harding sent Army generals H.H. Bandholtz and Billy Mitchell to Mingo County, WV in 1920 to help squelch union activity in and around the coal mines. Mitchell, aka ‘father of the US Air Force’, sent squadrons to bomb and intimidate miners. The bloody, drawn out labor struggle, which I believe continues to this day, includes many examples of ‘divide and conquer’. Workers are workers - black, white, brown, man, woman… It’s clear whose side the government is on when they and their agents kill workers.


I don’t understand how any self-respecting conservative crying about nanny, intrusive government continues to support the DEA and ATF. Hypocrites!
its obvious to me that the only times conservatives are against “big government” is when it resembles what they call liberal. Well, that’s just too bad for them is all Ihave to say because a democratically elected government is a liberal government, using the classical definition, and if they don’t want liberal in any shape or form they need to leave and go find themselves a nice monarchy with a fully intact aristocracy where they can go and be the peasants that they’ve always dreamed of being.