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'Morally Unacceptable': Final Deal Out of COP24 Sorely Lacking in Urgency and Action, Climate Campaigners Say


'Morally Unacceptable': Final Deal Out of COP24 Sorely Lacking in Urgency and Action, Climate Campaigners Say

Julia Conley, staff writer

The final text of the glocal agreement out of COP24 lacked the urgency many climate campaigners were hoping for. (Photo: @CANEurope/Twitter)


I am glad I am 70, and haven’t much time left, because I strongly believe we ARE doomed as a species over the next 20 years. When I think of all the innocent children and animals who are already suffering and perishing, and will suffer and perish as a result of our greed and selfishness, I want to scream.

Over the last 40+ years, my study of our corrupt economic-political system (global capitalism, which is mainly responsible for the Accelerated Climate Emergency [ACE] as well as endless wars) has shown me that this system is only capable of producing politicians who are greedy, selfish, and focused mainly, or only, on their own advancement, to the detriment of everyone else.

When the Accelerating Climate Emergency (ACE) and Nuclear War-Nuclear Winter (NWNW) are factored in, massive, existential, global crises which can ONLY be solved by selfless cooperation among ALL nations, I realize that we, as a species and as a society, are unprepared to work together to solve such global crises.

That is why I believe we are doomed.

Some quotes from Albert Einstein are relevant here:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our thinking. Thus, we are drifting toward catastrophe beyond conception. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

That last quote is especially relevant for all those who still stupidly, stubbornly believe that the inherent, endless growth of global capitalism, on a planet with finite resources, can somehow provide a solution to the Accelerating Climate Emergency.


All excellent quotes by Einstein. Or to put it another way:
You can bomb the world to pieces; BUT YOU CANNOT BOMB IT TO PEACE


The positive is that the Paris Climate Agreement did not fall apart despite Donald Trump and various fossil fuel interests. However, I don’t think it moved the ball forward much. The political will isn’t there at the top and overall it is not there at the grassroots level. Yes, there plenty of activists but not nearly enough to get things up to speed. It seems pretty certain that the temperature will go beyond 2C without some breakthrough that cannot be seen at this time. It may even go beyond 4C this century. The world still does not have handle on this problem and there is no obvious reason why that situation will not continue into the foreseeable future.


The young people of the world need to revolt against the “old folks” who just want to live out their lives in the “golden years”. Start with a 5 billion young people in the streets throwing eggs and rotten tomatoes at their leaders and escalate from there. If voting doesn’t work then invent a soilent green machine if you have to but get rid of those 70 year olds “glad to be on the tail end” who are nothing but an distster to the future of the young.


2C, as you well know is a huge disaster; probably not survivable by the industrial world in it’s current state. But then the fallacy is in thinking there is some solution that will allow game on as usual…there isn’t.


Homo Sapiens claim ability to reason allowed themselves to reach the present high level over other life forms. Obviously, we over rated ourselves.


I believe 2C would be manageable, at least for developed countries, but would cause very serious problems. Nobody really knows for sure what will happen as the average global temperature increases but clearly it is risky. The pledges so far would lead to about slightly over 3C but so far hardly any countries have been able to meet their pledges. Ultimately what happens may depend less on international agreements and pledges and more about what actions are taken at the all levels of government and by individuals. At least technically there is a solution. it involves increased renewable energy, increased energy efficiency, increased energy conservation, decreased deforestation, decreased consumption of meat, and improvements in making steel and cement. And other actions that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


“Final Deal Out of COP24 Sorely Lacking in Urgency and Action” – I’m SO surprised!


The Weak outcome is due to the lack of Action from the Organizers of these useless Rallies and Sit Ins. Don’t care if I sound like a broken record but Please… What the hello do you expect the outcome to be with Psycopath Greedy Lunatics? No War was ever won by Sitting it Out! You mean to tell me that by now we have No Action plan? We certainly have no Leader. Too scared to make a stand and push these bastards back hard? I know… we are to afraid to do anything like that when we’re all gonna die anyway…Sickening.


Until people stop being afraid of ordinary humans who are Evil and only promote FEAR thru their wealth and arrogance, we will lose everything. Even our Planet!


Yes! Finally a Brave Person on C Dreams!


This is the third COP hosted by Poland, a nation reliant on coal. Coal sponsored the COP. The venue was designed to resemble the inside of a coal mine. Not good optics for a summit that was supposed to operationalize and improve upon the Paris GHG reduction targets. Maybe this should be last one for Poland.

I understand that Costa Rica, a nation on the verge of going 100% renewable, wants to host the next one. Much better choice.

If the fossil fuel corporations don’t bring any plans that involve substantial reductions in oil, gas,and coal extraction, refining, and burning (ideally reductions to zero) they should not be allowed to attend. Never understood why they have not embraced renewable energy. The US should isolated along with Saudi Arabia and Russia until they stop blocking.


Great post. Unfortunately, you may actually live long enough to see the shit hit the fan. Sorry. Methane levels are increasing from thawing permafrost and numerous positive feedback loops are adding to further warming. Some climate scientists are talking of human extinction by 2030. I can only hope that some life will go on after we are gone.


Regardless of whether or not there is a meaningful international agreement, it is ultimately up to us to change our behaviors. Obviously having binding agreements that substantially and fairly reduce greenhouse gas emissions would help. But we cannot wait around for that. It’s up to us individually and collectively to fight climate change in just and equitable ways.


The rich think they’re money will save them. So sad. So deluded. They’re money won’t mean @!#$?* to a tree when things collapse. Being rich they will hang on until the bitter end. I imagine them watching sea level rise etc, hoping for a flight to some distant far away world, if only they could find one.


We will not solve this crisis by relying on the same systems and people that brought us to this point.
If we can not collectively get over our infantile need to be led we will all be dead within a decade or two.


“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our thinking. Thus, we are drifting toward catastrophe beyond conception. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

The actual quote is:
“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. We scientists who released this immense power have an overwhelming responsibility in this world life-and-death struggle to harness the atom for the benefit of mankind and not for humanity’s destruction. We need two hundred thousand dollars at once for a nation-wide campaign to let people know that a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”
(New York Times - May 25 1946, p.13)

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

That last quote is especially relevant…

I don’t think that’s a real Einstein quote.


Something that might serve humanity ,from the what’s its worth department .
The solutions to Humanity’s problems are Spiritual ,we must see life as Prime Value . Everything is connected .The fact that 75% of all emissions come from only 95 fossil fuel corporations is a startling fact .

Conversations with God contains a startling statement. It is something I’ve never forgotten. God said, “It is not necessary to go through hell in order to get to heaven.” I invite us all to remember that on this day. I invite us all to embrace a new notion about ourselves and about life: not that there’s nothing left but God, but that there’s nothing but God.

When we see God in every other person and in every other thing, then we will have dropped our illusions, we will have stepped aside from our childish imaginings, and we will treat everything and everyone as if it, she, or he is Divine. And if you don’t think that will change your life and your world, think again. This is the Pathway to the Soul.

The message from all the masters through human History has been the same ,we didn’t listen to them we killed them .

We Are All One

On Einstein …
Question: Can we solve humanity’s problems using the same energy that create them? Not just for the purposes of intellectual exploration, but because I have a proposition to make to you before we are through.

As you know, Albert Einstein famously gave the answer “no” to this question. And I agree with him. Who am I to disagree with a genius of the ages?

Einstein understood that you can’t end someone else’s violence with violence of your own, you can’t end someone else’s anger with anger of your own, you can’t end someone else’s stubbornness with stubbornness of your own. He was very clear that you can’t end someone else’s resentment with resentment of your own, you can’t end someone else’s terrorism with terrorism of your own, you can’t end someone else’s verbal abuse with verbal abuse of your own.

The real question is not whether Einstein was right about that, but how to put his wisdom into practice within the human arena. We humans seem to know no other way to respond to incoming energy except with energy of “like kind.” So we do, in fact, respond to violence with violence of our own, terrorism with terrorism of our own, verbal abuse with verbal abuse of our own…and so on, right down the line.


We need a strong political union between the climate activists and everybody else.

They’ll try to split us by favoring one group and dumping on another group, For example, the current administration is doing horrific things to Central American refugee children right now. So, we need an agreement that if the crooks go this route, we’ll shift some of our collective political resources, that we’ll defend the fatherless.

We’re in favor of actual democracy, the rare but existing non-corrupt kind. The way that we elect people either makes us all privileged citizens or all saps richly deserving that punch in the nose every few years.

We oppose autocracy with its prisons and torture, so we have to start taxing and/or boycotting the really nasty regimes. Sometimes they are (badly corrupted!) “democracies”.

We oppose giving a megacorporation two billion dollars while two gals in a garage get zilch. Why not give the two gals in a garage some rent money to feed their families while they get started, assuming that they can show a real chance of making a profit?

Now, about that climate change and subsequent rapid human depopulation. Reform can hardly wait. If bad governments stand in the way and if an unthinking fossil fuel industry stands in the way, well,…