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More Bombs, Deaths in Trump's First Year in Office

More Bombs, Deaths in Trump's First Year in Office

Sonali Kolhatkar

The greatest impact of Donald Trump’s first year as president has been kept out of sight from most Americans. The wars the U.S. waged during Barack Obama’s tenure have sharply escalated under Trump. The result has been a predictable and massive spike in civilian deaths.

"The American public’s lack of attention to Trump’s violent and dangerous foreign policy, which is far worse than that of his predecessor, is a big part of the problem of the ongoing wars."


Trump learned an important lesson from W: Declare victory, even when you haven’t won, then use the GWOT as your excuse to bomb anything that moves across an entire region.

In W’s case, he donned a jump suit to tell us the mission was accomplished. At least Trump is sparing us that embarrassment.

As for Trump’s claim about winning in Syria, if Turkey now attacking US allies (the Kurds)…Assad remaining in power as Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah forces control most of the country…and US-backed militias having their butts whooped is winning, then yeah, we won.

As for Iraq, they’ve never been tighter with Iran, Trump’s and Netanyahu’s and KSA’s biggest boogieman. More winning I guess.

Oh, and the only thing standing in the way of that Shia crescent Israel and KSA fear so much is the continued US presence in eastern Syria. Nothing says ‘We won,’ like an open-ended occupation.

American students can’t have free college because Israel and the Saudis need us to keep Iran at bay.


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While the focus is on the theatrical antics in the White House, the government has been busy bombing the crap out of the ME. Russia was more instrumental to defeating ISIS than the US, regardless of false reporting to the contrary. The financial deregulations(Dodd-Frank being the latest) are hastening the coming economic collapse , and it will be a doozy. War looms: take your pick; N Korea, Russia, Iran, China, all of the above? Empire seeks more resources as hey become scarcer still. Water? The next wars will be for water and food. Get real, things are getting worse and no one wants to notice the elephants waiting to stomp us all.


“More Bombs, Deaths in Trump’s First Year in Office”

Eric Margolis has an interesting take on this:


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Thank you for sharing this. It may well be true. I would expect Russia to try to develop a “last-resort” strategy such as this, in the face of the US “leaderships” stated intentions to modernize and expand its nuclear arsenal. Russia thinks Defensively, not Offensively. It always has. Our obvious attempts to encircle Russia by an ever-expanding NATO conducting war games right on their doorstep is extremely unsettling to them, given their experience over many centuries of invasion from the West. This is most assuredly not the way to act towards Russia.

That said, we are fortunate in having a bevy of very knowledgeable foreign policy and history contributors here on Common Dreams. These include: Andrew Bacevich, Juan Cole, Robert Fisk, Chris Hedges, Ann Jones, Alfred W. McCoy, Danny Sjursen and others. I only wish more Americans would listen to them and read their writings.


This is what I predicted and told the trump supporters here and elsewhere. Trumps was not a man of peace and those who thought he was were fools. Yes fools. They hated Hillary so much that they went and elected the worst man possible.
Trump was never about peace, just like he lied about so many things. Those of us who had seen his scams and watched his scandalous behavior for so many years understood the public was being flim flamed.
Peace was never an option with Trump, he stated he would killed the families of terrorists. Which has never stopped terrorism. Even the CIA admits that killing the families only creates more terrorists. And they don’t admit to much.
Those who thought that not accepting the lessor of two evils are now seeing what the greater of two evils can do. As much as I didn’t like Hillary, Trump is far worse.

Isn’t the victory by Trump grand! /S

That is the problem, trying to hold onto the empire that we have built. We put into power dictators and some of them have not worked out so well for us, like Iraq. That is the problem of trying to keep power over people who are rejecting those we put into power.
This has been a trend of the US since the beginning, taking something from someone else. 1st the natives, then the spanish and so on. So that continued on and on for every county that we tried to take control of. The people in the end always rebelled against the enslavers. And that is causing big problems in the ME that we have tried to control for so long.
The american exceptionalism is part of the christian dominionist movement. They think they should rule the world. It gave us manifest destiny and beyond.

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I would argue that lesser evilism actually speeds up the degeneration of the country.

Lesser evilism legitimizes endless war on you-name-it, tax cuts as religion, disaster capitalism, corporatism in general, control by a tiny sliver of elites, and worst of all, the notion that lesser evilism is all we’ve got.

As such, voters perceive bothering with our current choices as an exercise in futility. And the fact that both parties are hated, yet they control the political process, proves the voters right.

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The use of drones is first of all surveillance - a means by which real combatants can be identified and targeted, though still susceptible to reckless targeting of civilians. Their death toll is significantly less than conventional warfare, bombardment, minefield, small arms. The Middle East wars that began during the Obama era got their start during the Arab Spring civilian uprisings in Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen. Obama can be faulted for not helping direct that effort toward a more peaceful and just conclusion, as opposed to charges that his intention was to exacerbate violence in these nations. Ms Clinton too may not have been able to resolve the conflict, but her demeanor would have led more people to believe it possible. Not so with President Shithole and his elite business-suit and medal-bedecked uniform warmongering ilk. The lesson learned from Vietnam - killing civilians creates more enemies - is lost or never learned.

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I appreciate the link and the article by Eric Margolis. I just wish it was fake news!

On a more positive note, I submit another article for your perusal.

On this site - American exceptionalism is always present, despite protestations against it.

So I thought, after reading this article by a modern day Marco Polo - YES - it is a new world now - and cross cultural interactions are bound to speed up. Along with modern media - it is a world I want my son to be fully aware of:

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