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More 'Boots on the Ground' as Obama Again Bolsters Endless Iraq War


More 'Boots on the Ground' as Obama Again Bolsters Endless Iraq War

Nika Knight, staff writer

Signaling further escalation of U.S. military force in Iraq, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Monday that 217 additional troops would be deployed to Iraq and that the U.S. will also be supplying Apache helicopters and millions in aid to Kurdish Peshmerga forces in an effort to fight ISIS.


Bible 2.0: melt your Peace Prize into swords...


The Kurds have been the only effective force fighting the depraved Daesh murderer/rapist psychopaths, it's about time Kurds got some real aid - they deserve it a lot more than the Israeli terrorists, Egyptian military dictatorship, Saudi war criminals and Erdogan's Turkey attacking Kurds while supporting Deash.......I only hope the Kurds aren't sold-out this time by the US like so many other times to so many others.......Send them an A-10 Warthog squadron!


We will soon be done with that coward and fraud. And I state this as a delegate for Obama in the Colorado 2008, State Convention. Worst mistake of my life. In 2012, I, for the first time in my life, did not vote for President. Sen Sanders is giving me renewed hope that we the people, with his leadership and energy, can take back our government. At my age, it will be my last chance to have any hope in seeing it happen. How this man can keep the Nobel Peace Prize is beyond me. Probably saw how Henry Kissinger got away with it.


" Is there really any argument that America must remain a preeminent leader for peace and freedom." HRC 10/31/06

Is there really any argument that America is the preeminent leader of terror, death and destruction in the world? What peace and freedom? The only world wide peace and freedom that America brings, is for the freedom, hegemony and hubris of their greedy, vested interests in foreign countries to maintain their wealth and power by using the military to prop up its fawning, corrupt, parasite leaders that have sold out their people.


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In other news all Military.

A Pentagon spokesperson indicated a need to increase the budget for anti-missile defense due in part to threats now posed by Syria.

A Pentagon spokesperson indicated that US Carrier battle groups face significant threats from new generation Russian submarines suggesting an increase needed in the Military budget.

A spokesperson for the US Marine Core indicated a serious erosion in the Marine forces air component wherein pilots only get 4 hours training a month and where only 30 percent of Aircraft being deemed "Combat ready" with the remainder cannibalized for parts. He indicated an increase in spending needed.

A Pentagon spokesperson indicated Russia and China now have local air superiority in the Eurasian landmass. He suggested a million more combat troops needed to counter this threat.

As the F35 being introduced to NATO aligned Militaries it being claimed their cost will severely impact the number of Aircraft that can be deployed. Added to this it suggested the Plane can not deal with the latest Russian and Chinese aircraft variants. As such the Pentagon wants more funding to both deploy more aircraft and to develop the next generation aircraft.

Kahching. Kahching. Kahching.

Several trillion dollars later and 5 years from now they will be no further ahead and demand more even as more people sleep under bridges. That or everyone and everything is dead.


So now we dehumanize our own men and women by calling them "boots" as if they have no life, no soul, and no individuality. What an insult! These are people! Not BOOTS!


And after we "win" against ISIS, (like we did against the Taliban, remember?!? and oh, yeah-it won't be a win, either) There will arise another "enemy" to arouse our righteous anger. And on it goes, on and on...


Just more boots on the ground?
That statement is an insult! Proves the Pentagon has no life, no soul, no feelings. Boots on the ground signifies to me, the Pentagon considers our soldiers expendable numbers in a computer. Disposal able people, good for nothing but cannon fodder!


Once we are out of boots what is next, booties?


I agree as one who voted for Obama the first time and when I saw his financial advisors,
the bankers, the very ones who were a part of the derivative games, housing crash etc. all being appointed to very important offices (money) when they should have been in prison I knew we had another puppet in charge. See this video, pass it on and know that nothing has changed. Right now the only hope for this country is Sanders. The secret government behind the scene, the movers and shakers unknown, who pick a winner for each party are all bought off. I'm 85, and see little hope for the country if it continues on the present road. Go for Bernie.



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Disgusting, but not in the least bit surprising! With all the talk that Obama tried to sell the American people about his getting the United States out of Iraq, it sure hasn't worked out that way. I'll also say this; I didn't buy into all the promises that Obama made during his Presidential campaign and Candidacy, because I knew, from the get-go that he'd break them.


I could not help to notice that not even CD covered the elections in Syria. Nada. Unless one looks in the right places, one might not even notice that they happened at all:- http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44505.htm

Supposedly the CIA armed and trained "rebels", and the helicopter gunships that might come with Hillary Clinton's so called "no fly zone", are promoting " freedom and democracy". Perhaps the CIA should have distributed voting cards instead of weapons. I expect the corporate media to ignore anything that will not promote regime change in Syria. I hoped for better from CD.


bring on the draft you cowards hiding in the Pentagram !! then you 'll see real protests...you want wars for eternity....then have the guts to DEMAND every male over 18 join the fight . You don't dare because the protests would bring this corrupt empire to its knees.


A poem from the Bush years:

(with apologies to Groucho Marx)

Hello, I must be going.
Six days, six weeks -
Not even half a year,
We'll liberate you all
And leave you, never fear.
We'll just make a small green zone -
A place to pack our gear,
Then we'll be going.

Do you promise you won't stay?
You'll just come and go away,
Bring us freedom, then sashay
Without shoe throwing?

We will leave you a free nation,
With no cause for consternation.
After a brief occupation -
We'll be going.

You won't steal all our oil,
Leave your troops upon our soil,
Bring our tempers to a boil?

We'll be going.

First we'll set a precedent
And select a resident
You'll elect as President....

Then you'll be going?

When your borders are secure
And your governance is sure
(And when cancer has a cure)
We'll be going.


The Pentagon is mulling over the idea of making women enroll in the draft registry as soon as they turn 18, now that women are allowed in combat positions.

Kind of makes one wonder what they have on the back burner if they think they are going to need ALL our youngsters registered.


No, not booties -- flip-flops.


Wlawlor. Right on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!