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More Border Surveillance Tech Could Be Worse for Human Rights Than a Wall

More Border Surveillance Tech Could Be Worse for Human Rights Than a Wall

Evan Greer

President Trump wants a border wall — a symbolic monument to xenophobia and hate. But Democrats’ counterproposal could be even more dangerous for human rights.

Concluding that this barrier/wall is a national emergency necessity, or so our most fattened leaders insist, is a national disgrace. A shame all will someday admit.
OTOH, aerial surveillance could disrupt foul intention and transport. Security is breached in other areas of entry. What bothers me is how problems are made worse under the reckless, belligerent tool trump. He’s the animal farm top pig.

Follow the money, honey

Who does the tech sector give a shitpot full of campaign cash to … ?


Anything would be worse than The Wall because The Wall will do nothing to stop drugs getting to the USA through its southern border. Not only when the drugs are smuggled in with all the stuff being legitimately shipped as part of that “Free Enterprise” thing of which wealthy conservatives are always waxing proudly about. The amount of cleverly concealed drugs will increase if The Wall is there, and they will be better concealed.

A lot of drugs get in by being flown in carried by small private planes and dropped from the air at prearranged pick up points. Law enforcement would be hard pressed to monitor the many ways pick locations can be sent from deliverers to receivers.

The Wall won’t keep people who want to get in out. Ways to go over it, under it, or through it will be found and made use if. The kind of criminal ingenuity that can “find ways” has few if any limitations.

If you have ever driven on the Pacific Coast Highway just north of San Diego you have probably seen groups of illegal immigrants getting off boats, wading or dogpaddling to nighttime deserted beaches then coming to shore and high tailing up the highway. I have seen gtoups of as many as 50 on warm nights, and smaller groups braving the elements. Can the Enforcers stake out the whole coastline to catch them as they disembark? I think not.

It’s hard for me to have much respect for all the pathetic “conservatives” who believe thst The Wall it it can be built represents Problems Solved.

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No amount of tech, or a Wall or numbers of personnel came protect from corruption.
Too much money, too fast will draw corruption because, the funds cannot be tracked.
There is also all the same old corruption w drugs, arms, human traffikng & money that has always been & not getting better. There is no protection from human nature.