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More 'Frontex' Is Not the Answer to the Refugee Crisis


More 'Frontex' Is Not the Answer to the Refugee Crisis

Nina Perkowski

As media and politicians have declared a ‘refugee’ or ‘migration crisis’ this summer, EU Member States are scrambling for a common response to recent events. Amid attempts to redistribute refugees across EU Member States, familiar calls for strengthening the EU’s border agency Frontex resurfaced once again.


Homeland Security meets a 21st century revisit to The Enclosure Movement in (and formerly of) Europe. God bless those citizens using their cars as stealth transport vehicles.

In the same way that Western powers like the U.S. destabilized pro-worker movements throughout South and Central America to ensure that elites would control these nations using right wing military tactics, and then hammered the nails into the coffins of working people by passing NAFTA and CAFTA only to build a border fence when all the dispossessed headed north in search of jobs to feed their families; Europe is experiencing similar backlash.

Trade policies that function as war by a gentler name have the same net effect.

Indeed, the policies of aggravated assault, grand theft, and unapologetic carnage MUST stop... nothing will otherwise contain the dispossessed multitudes.

Karmic blowback happens!


Frontex’s budget is said to be raised by 54%, up to €176 million in 2016.
That's quite a few bob in terms of organising a mere 0.11% new population to settle in. But these refugees are seen in the corrupt corridors of power as just one step up from terrorists, and it is noticeable that the media and political powers are far more hostile to them than the people. Another proof that democracy is but a word.

As for all these damned fences, they are so ominously reminiscent of a history Europe needs to move beyond. They will no doubt become a new low and be left in situ if not extended for security.