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'More Georgians Will Die': As Covid-19 Ravages US, GOP Governor Brian Kemp Forbids Local Authorities From Imposing Mask Mandate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/more-georgians-will-die-covid-19-ravages-us-gop-governor-brian-kemp-forbids-local

Georgians must remove the cancer, and Kemp is the cancer.

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It is just heartbreaking to see what’s going on back home in the good, old US of A. OTOH, no one needs the governor to tell them to wear a fc**ing mask. Just do it.


If you lose a loved one in Georgia I believe you should mete out justice on the “one” responsible for that death based on biblical teachings, the word of god - “an eye for an eye.”

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Georgians need to get a clue and take responsibility for their own decisions. And, make better political decisions as well.


The RethugliKKKan Party is a Death Cult.


This will be an easy negligent homicide case to prove in a court of law. Now, if only the party of donkeys could figure out how to win an election in the corrupt state of Georgia.

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This is the type of people you see in the “no masks” crowd


“They want to throw Gods wonderful breathing system out the door”

The reality is that as bad as Kemps decision is, there likely a whole pile of people in Georgia that thing he is protecting “freedom and liberty” and working on behalf of God.

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The USA is a death cult. It has been since its inception and still is today. And BOTH PARTIES are fine with death at home and around the world on behalf of their oligarch owners and the military industrial complex. Both parties take money from the same people to do their bidding. The Democrats refuse to demand Medicare For All as one example of their being a death cult. They are fine with all of us dying. Stop with the nonsense of how it is ONLY the big bad Republicans who are the death cult.

I agree with you. I have been critical of BOTH corporate parties for years, especially their support for the mass-murderous U.S. global Empire and refusal to support M4A.

“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war [WW II] American president would have been hanged.” - Noam Chomsky

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Governors in states like Washington and Michigan caved to pressure from the Trumpanzees, too.

They re-opened, citizens went overboard in abandoning virus-control behaviors, and now the cases are ticking steadily back upward. My point isn’t to forgive Kemp – he’s an idiot – or to attack Inslee and Whitmer – they had good intentions and tried to follow the science. Instead, my point is to note that without a concentrated and complete nationwide lockdown, there’s no reason to expect that we’ll control SARS-CoV-2.

I can hop on a flight to every Covid19 hotspot – Miami, LA, Houston, Atlanta – in an hour or two. And I could become a spreader that easily. We’d better hope that herd immunity for SARS-CoV-2 exists, because that’s where we’re heading. The USA has lots of smart people. But we also have lots of dumb, selfish, and defiantly ignorant people. Guess who’s “winning.”


It is almost beyond belief that Republican politicians retain a shred of credibility, decades in and out.

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Today our Pick n save mandated no mask, no entry.
Fox Noise should be stopped from promoting free choice to get sick and spread disease across the country. Fox Noise is a dangerous health hazard. Unless we think half the country is just plain stupid all on their own.

Seriously disturbing/disturbed people. And does the firearm dealer take pictures of anyone wishing to purchase a gun? OMGodzilla. You’d think they were being forced to wear mickey mouse outfits. What brought america to this juncture.

Freedom is not the absence of responsibility.

For example, my freedom as a property owner in a city includes the responsibility to pay for a school system, first responders, publicly-shared amenities, and upkeep. You have the freedom to choose a city that prioritizes all of those things, or a city that doesn’t provide much of them. But even if it provides very little, you and the other residents of your city who own the place, have to pony up, if only to pay a sheriff.

What brought America to this current juncture is the fact that too many people don’t understand that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

We have three streets that border with cities on either side of our Village. Neither will cost share to repair these roller coaster, potholed roads over a thirty year period.
One is a block away and I avoid it along with the one on the route to the grocery.
The third is a half block from my mothers house, and all are heavily traveled by the brave.
Publicly shared amenities don’t apply here on border streets.
Granted our community pays less in property tax than all of the surrounding ones, so we just bite the bullet and accept the trade-off.

The famous lyric “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” rings true these days.


Maybe that very same Mickey Mouse “culture”.

There is no peaceful way to fix this except at the voting booth. And voting as it is ain’t sufficient enough to do it without major fixes to the system.
It’s not just Mickey Mouse, it’s also the “Goofy” culture.

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One thing Georgians must finally learn is to never trust anyone who is a member of the GOP.

Second lesson: Don’t trust a Democrat either, unless you have a signed contract.

The mindless Zombies who vote for them are their only credibility Chapdrum.