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'More Important Than Ever': Stacey Abrams Applauded for Fair Fight 2020 Initiative Against Voter Suppression

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/14/more-important-ever-stacey-abrams-applauded-fair-fight-2020-initiative-against-voter

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There really is no way to over-state how important this is. Kudo’s aplenty to Ms. Abrams for taking the lead on this. Maybe a way to make this work even better is when you donate to someone running for office you donate to this campaign as well to insure your dollars were well spent.


She’s been quiet since her run for governor, so is good to see her take the platform she gained from that experience and broaden it across the national stage. Wish some of these other D ‘candidates’ would do likewise and get off their ego trip for president and get in the fight in a more meaningful manner.


Wow! It’s telling that neolibs and Republicans become lobbyists… real Democrats keep working for the people. Stacey is the real deal.


Although its just a mindless mantra for the GOP/Trump cult, “drain the swamp” is rooted in “neolibs and Republicans” becoming lobbyists who profit from prolonging problems they allegedly are working to solve.

Like Jimmy Carter, Abrams realizes that working outside the beltway is the only way to help the 99%.


Good effort, but the Trump administration seems intent on reducing the congressional, and electoral college, representation in areas with high concentrations of unauthorized immigrants and non-citizens - proxies for gauging areas unlikely to be supportive of Trump:

I admire Abrams. That said, her efforts amount to enabling more LOTE voting.

That’s merely whistling past the graveyard.

I say anyone who calls this country home should be able to vote. The sick minded white supremacists want us to think that America belongs to the WASPS. They need a lesson in civics and living lovingly.

“Fair Fight 2020” needs to include the Democratic National Convention.

Right now, it appears that unless Bernie can win with over 50% on the first ballot, the superdelegates then enter the vote to sway it in favor of the corporate-Democrat.


Jimmy Carter had some grand ideas for this country. Iran derailed his 2nd term to presidency and Reagan started the mess we’ve been in since 1980.

I have never been able to understand why Abrams gets so much press, unless it is a grooming effort orchestrated by the DNC–which, if true, would disqualify her for any serious consideration for much of anything going forward. She always seems to be informing us that she will consdier–maybe not consider–entering the race. Does anyone care?


Did Iran derail? Or did Carter merely fail to do the right things re Iran? I’ll have to look up that old history, but my sense is that any President w smarts (rare breed) would have the ability to make the necessary concessions to remedy a situation that we ourselves were responsible for. It’s called leadership. (UK is faced w a similar “crisis”, the solution for which would be to give back the tanker and say they are sorry for following the USA’s lead on all of it. Risky? Yes, short term. But it’s time for the US to be denied the usual slavish followership. We never deserved it in the first place and deserve it even less now w Trump.

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She’s funny and well spoken – which is nice – but in the end, yeah, she’s just another establishment D.

How about “required” to vote, unless you can secure a waiver.

Only a massive turn out for Bernie will seal the deal.

Most of our problems with Iran are of our own making. Iran has been telling us for a long time now"Quit fu_ _ ing with us. We are big enough to fight the bully.

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It’s hard not to be cynical about yet another up and coming Democratic politician, elevated by the Dem Establishment. Stacey Abrams sounds like a decent person and the Dem Party wants us to think kindly about her, but this article from the Intercept paints a different picture of Stacey Abrams’ commitment to voting rights. From the article: “Lawmakers have testified under oath that the gerrymandered maps were presented to Abrams, and that she consented to the changes, which is why the Democratic caucus was instructed to support the measure.”

Posted by Common Cause:

The Senate is considering whether to fund sorely needed upgrades to our election infrastructure – like paper ballots, new voting machines, and risk-limiting audits. If they don’t, it’d be an open invitation to foreign election hackers to meddle in our democracy.

We need to make sure the Senate does what’s right. Call 1-833-413-5906 to be automatically connected to your senator.

Here’s an idea of what to say: Hi, my name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [TOWN]. We deserve to have total confidence that our votes count and our elections are secure. Please help make sure the Senate fully funds election security.

We’re a little over a year away from the 2020 presidential election – and just months away from the first primary votes being cast. But our government hasn’t done nearly enough to secure our elections from foreign attack.

It’s not for lack of warning – Russia’s far-reaching influence and hacking campaign in 2016 is common knowledge by now. Even Trump’s FBI director, Christopher Wray, says we are still being attacked. But Mitch McConnell’s Senate is showing no interest whatsoever in securing our elections against interference.

We can break through McConnell’s blockade by putting pressure on EVERY Senator to defend our elections. Call 1-833-413-5906 to get in touch with your U.S. Senators today.

No American should lose their right to vote because a machine broke or their registration got misfiled. And, we deserve to be 100% confident that it’s voters like you and me – not hackers, foreign or domestic – who decide our elections.

Common Cause

Isn’t it interesting that Harry Reid was pummeled daily for not holding up or down voting on bills from the House. Apparently hypocrisy disease has attacked Moscow Mitch and his band of sycophants.

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I wonder if she will win? wish her luck.