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'More Important Than Ever': Stacey Abrams Applauded for Fair Fight 2020 Initiative Against Voter Suppression

Doesn’t matter who wins the nomination, the party will dictate that Abrams be the VP pick.

Carter didn’t “fail”, the Americans were too stupid for him. He wanted peaceful resolution of hostage crises but the voters wanted military intervention to get the hostages whisked out of Tehran. Reagan saw that as a weakness and exploited to his demonic advantage. We would be living in a very different world had Carter won in 1980.

Another candidate in that election was Dr. Barry Commoner of the Citizens Party, hands-down the smartest, most forward-looking and moral person on the ballot. I often think about the difference HE might have made, but for those two major-party clowns stealing votes from him.

If the voters “wanted military intervention” and Carter complied, then he abdicated his responsibility to lead for peace–isn’t that a fair question? How many times have voters wanted something, only to be ignored by our elected leadership? Or does that only work when progressives want something?