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More Money, Fewer Jobs: The Stubborn Truth About Employment and the Defense Industry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/05/more-money-fewer-jobs-stubborn-truth-about-employment-and-defense-industry


During the cold war it was the military industrial complex. Since the wall fell 3 decades ago it has morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) utilizing media from the big three to FOX (faux noise) to sanitize war, starting with the media relabeling civilian deaths “collateral damage” during the Gulf War.

By the dawn of the 21st century it became an act of heresy to question unbridled MIMIC corporate welfare disguised as “defense spending” that really buys us more escalating pre-emptive wars and less defense while enriching the fortunes of daddy warbucks.


Trump and the Defense (this really must be changed to “Offense”) Industry are already counting on future wars and aggression and instituting plans and budgets around it.

All Americans must ask themselves, “Do I want a Government that supports destruction all over the Globe, or construction and repairs to infrastructure here at home?

Then, we Americans must ask, “is there any political party that supports the latter?”


The best allegory I’ve ever seen about that the Offensive Department of Defense needs perpetual oscillations between its frenemy associations:

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This an interesting article as to how Boeing went from one of the makers of the most reliable passenger aircrafts in the world to the mess they are in today. It all has to do with the corruption brought about by the Arms industry.

The fascists couldn’t shut up Mike Gravel fast enough:


A matter of national securities

Hi WiseOwl:

As Bugs said, at the end, “It’s an opera, you can’t expect a happy ending.”
We are in the middle of an 18 year War Opera----------and we can’t expect a happy ending here either. : (


The bottom-line is the MIMIC is in the driver’s seat and most congresspersons and significant numbers of the public are dependent on it. The defense industry is so tightly woven into the fabric of US society and economy it is highly unlikely that it can be ripped-out back to a reasonable and necessary level.

This is what Ike warned us about and the power and influence of the MIMIC has grown steadily as he predicted it could.

This is what living in the USA is all about today.

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What I find interesting about this is that it’s nothing new. In 1983, the Center for Economic Priorities (now long defunct) issued a book-length report the conclusions of which were almost precisely identical to this latest study in terms of jobs v. spending, and most of the research for that study was conducted before the huge Ronnie Raygun spending spree (which resulted in the biggest defense contracting fraud case in American history, Operation Ill Wind).

But, the American public will continue to parrot the propaganda (“they’re keepin’ us safe”) until some fast-talking idiot in the Oval Office pushes the button.

That’s where we’re headed.