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More Moore

More Moore

Christopher Brauchli

The case of Roy Moore has shown that many Republican lawmakers will defend any behavior of a member of their party, over allowing a Democratic win

What a great fucking country, huh!!!

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An interesting segment on HBO’s Vice News last night:

Well, the sexual impropriety is tangible and greasy. It’s unfortunate but likely true that if a politician falls from grace because of violations of laws or ethics, it will be easier if the violations are of the type that typical voters can grasp and have an emotional response to. Hence the Logan Act violation is unlikely to be Trump’s downfall.

The greasiness and tangibility of the crime also make it more likely for voters to overlook the general form of Lesser-of-two-evilism: the crime is so disgusting that it stands alone, and isn’t to be compared to, say, shady dealings with corporate donors.

Nevertheless, it is an instance of lesser-of-two-evilism: Moore voters (at least the ones not in denial) believe that his evil is less than Jones’ evil of not supporting tax give-aways for the ultra-wealthy.

So my question is, at what qualifiable degree of evil is the lesser-of-two-evil basis of voting no longer acceptable? At what point must a voter say, “Although candidate A is the lesser of the two evils, I still can’t vote for him because that’s just going too far.”?

I’m thinking about other well-known political rivalries when only a small percentage of voters could no longer hold their noses.

No pedophilia here.

That is sexual interest by an adult towards a pre-pubescent child. (Note, pedophilia does not have to be acted out to exist. When it is acted on it is child abuse/molestation.)

Moore is accused of ephenbophilia, which is sexual interest by an adult towards a teenager. (Again, it doesn’t have to be acted out to exist. When it is acted on, even if the teenager is manipulated into thinking he or she consents, it is sexual assault and/or statutory rape.)

In our justified revulsion at Judge Moore and our appropriate need to not let him get away with his alleged crimes, it is important we not water down the term ‘pedophilia’ by applying it to him in using this powerful word to describe him and his crimes to increase our revulsion towards him.


Years ago I knew a man (19 years old) that had sex with his girl girlfriend that was I think 16 years old at the time. The parents filed charges and he was convicted of the charge (statutory rape) and sent to prison. Do you ever look up people that you have known to see if they are still alive or not. Well, I looked him up some 40 years later. He had passed away 2 years before and the only record of his passing was his removal from the sex offender list and registration. This is just an example of prevailing thought from those times. Maybe not in Alabama which is where Roy Moore seems to belong.

I do not think republicans actually vote for a person, any person will do as long as they are doing harm to those they hold in contempt, liberals, progressives and secularists. They just want to “get them” at any cost. These vile men like Trump and Moore are used like a syringe by republicans to poison the enemy by injecting them into civil society in an attempt to destroy it. The more that decent people writhe in disgust over these louts the more pleasure a republican feels as a result. It is a feedback loop of self stimulation for conservatives.