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'More Political Interference at DOJ': Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Scrutinize Michael Flynn Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/more-political-interference-doj-barr-installs-outside-prosecutor-scrutinize-michael

Trump hasn’t “ordered” Barr to interfere in anything, as Barr knows what Trump wants done. Quite often a general broadcast tweet is sufficient for Barr to know what his boss wants to happen, and when it should happen.


Wow this is getting messy—and so un democratic. What to do, what to do?
Oh wait, if things go south too fast, I guess that Stone and Flynn will be found in their jail cells a la Epstein?----sigh—human life has become more and more cheap under the rule of the man who would be king. : (

The Flynn case is too complicated, with too many twists, turns and FBI malfease.

He was questioned without his lawyer present. His son being indicted and prosecuted was put on the table quickly by investigators.

Were Flynn and his son selling influence to Russians?
Probably yes.

Same as the other jerks within Trump white house staff, hangers on, and wannabees.

Obama said that Flynn was a bad hire.

An additional thought:
Through the past few years we have permitted former officials to escape sanction, loss of pensions and even have them appear on CNN, Fox and MSNBC as experts.
Brennan and Clapper
McCabe and Comey
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (counter intel, my foot)

Disgusting lack of stopping russian intrusions into our elections, bias, lies, and continued obstructions into the real truths.

Stone and Flynn are likely eating steak followed by fine deserts, and will likely continue to do so after sentencing.
The faces of men only a mother could love.

Sarcasm. I feel like I’ve been short changed. Manafort is my age, and the rest of trump’s henchmen are younger than me. I must have missed the class where you learn how to screw your fellow man out their hard earned incomes.

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Hi Gandolf, well this is the new America, and the way things are going, Stone and Flynn could be just as disposable as Epstein. If this was a novel—the Trumpster et al would fake out freeing them but in the dark corner, like a spider spinning—the end could be different—or possibly insane, claiming that Guaido screwed up and offed the wrong ones. : )