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More Shocking Than All the Lies: The Leading Cause of (Needless) Death In America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/24/more-shocking-all-lies-leading-cause-needless-death-america

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When the Chinese work together, they really work together. Meanwhile in Florida, people are screaming about not wanting to wear masks and screaming about having to wear masks to protect others—they somehow equate freedom with “no one can tell ME what to do.”
While sanity is working in China—in parts of America people think they lose freedoms! Amazing–and amazing too how serious the Chinese are about testing testing-- and more - testing even to go outside and back in with temperatures taken before and after in taking out the garbage.
However, the Chinese seem to know that planning and follow through are so important-----2 areas which America —at this Trumpish time—seems to lack. : (


As for the shopping thing…we in Michigan are now at Stage 2 of the shutdown, meaning retail stores can reopen as long as people wear masks, etc. But they sure as hell are ignoring it! Our main artery, so quiet these past months, is now roaring with traffic. And I saw a brand new huge Ram pickup truck covered with happy birthday garlands and balloons. I managed to push down my Shadow from taking my cane and doing some MDOP, and all I could think of was…the happy birthday boy may have a year or two( or a lot less if he catches Covid) to enjoy his boy toy…
As for the megarally. um, pigs don’t sweat, which is why they wallow in cool, muddy water and stay in shady spots. They also get sunburn and heatstroke.( I used to raise them). I don’t understand why Trump hasn’t gotten this thing yet? A deal with Satan?


His supporters would tell you because he is god himself.


Here in Nevada our Governor mandated wearing masks starting on Friday. We will see how that goes. Until now less and less people have been wearing masks and I suspect many will cry about their rights being taken away as they simply cannot comprehend it will save lives, even their own.


It KILLS me that that stoopid, selfish, preening, cruel, hateful blob of protoplasm hasn’t caught COVID, much less died, yet. Like millions of other people …in the US and elsewhere…the sickening first thing I do every morning is reach for my phone in hopes that he and his most despicable henchmen have got sick or better yet died somehow.

I can’t make quips about deals with Satan. If I believed in a Satan, it would be he.


“No one can tell us citizen what’s required for safety” … like a seat belt or mask?

This idiot is endangering his own family and health care workers who have already worked
thru this VIRUS once which is enough.

Health care workers should PROTEST Governors who are not making masks mandatory –
and there should be fines for not doing so. They’re on the front lines!!


I get what they are trying to say with this video. Compliance and rational measures make the difference when fighting a plague. But!JFC. Lets please!not try to “normalize” life in China!2020!Is the year that Emperor Xi is implementing his “social credit score”, that means if you play too many video games, buy the “wrong” products or even just jay walk?YOU WILL BE RECORDED. And you will be ranked. If you get a low score?No loans for you, you might lose your job, you cant board a plane, etc!!!And that!is for minor infractions.Okay?So?The FACT that this family had a choice about going or not going means?They are among the most privileged in China.
I call him Emperor Xi because he just recently declared himself leader for LIFE. Okay?So hes not a "president"he is a full on DICTATOR. Ask this man, so comfortable with his family rocking out to western music, if he is allowed to go online and even put the word "democracy"in his convos?Could he even search for #June4th? Ask this man what happens to dissidents in China right now?Ask this man WTAF is going on with #Uyghurs!Forced into camps with the same efficiency one sees displayed to battle COVID. Camps!that would make nazis blush!Or ask this man about the working conditions in factories[see thats a different class say what?] where the worker/slaves are in conditions so horrible they have locked the windows so they cant jump out. Ask this man about the “clearing out of the poors” around Beijing!For optics! RECENTLY!
Yes!They are very efficient, nobody will take that away from them. But there is NOTHING to admire in the current dictatorship of China.
So a little balance…would be nice. Have you seen the facial recognition technology ALSO rolled out this year with unbelievable efficiency?That facial recognition technology and a legion of spies! are also used at these check points. Thats for the “social credit score”. Mention the score, or Tiananmen square?And Emperor Xi will come for you! for you, your family and all of your friends. They live overseas?No problem!!!Emperor Xi has agents all over the world, they will track them down, Berlin, Sydney, Manhattan or the suburbs of Vancouver. With efficiency.
This video has NO CONTEXT. And thats they way…Emperor Xi likes it.
Compliance is one thing, straight up ruthless oppression is another thing. That!is what these AFFLUENT Chinese are willing to put up with. I dont blame them, the violence that would rain down on this family if they so much as squeak out of line?Scary as F!!! Just like Emperor Xi. Context people! JFC. Ask this man if he has ever mentioned the fact that an entire generation has now grown up and dont even know that the Tiannaman Square massacre happened!Dont search for it online though…VERY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. Social credit score going?Down. Ask this man what his "social credit score"is…if you dare. Wow, this IS propaganda because again…no context!!!No context at all.


I’m fully expecting a resurgence here in Michigan. In fact, I think it’s already begun. Caution has been thrown out the window.

Which brings me to my critique of this article. No politician of any party can stop the huge swath of Americans who live atomized, heedless, self-absorbed, science-doubting, and present-moment-focused existences from being themselves. Much of the country is a willfully ignorant cultural wasteland. We are the perfect country for a virus to thrive in, and that’s going to be the reality in red and blue states. Thus, while I hold Trump accountable for mishandling this pandemic, this virus would have found an ideal breeding ground here, Trump or not. It’s every man for himself in this country – and now we’re paying the piper.


It’s already begun. A bar in East Lansing is now nicknamed Chernobyl East because of the number of Covid cases exploding into existence. Cramped, everybody crowding together, no masks so lots of sharing of bodily fluids and droplets, and the current tasty age group for the virus. Look for us to shut down again very soon as this thing goes along I-69. If I were Flint, I’d set up a roadblock on the county line to prevent people entering unless they can prove they’re Covid free.
Oh, and Trump/GOP gave the rich another tax cut…The epitaph of the USA will be Exceptional to the End! We lived free…and died. MAGA! USA!


I generally agree with your post, stardustIBID, and wearing a mask and taking my temperature is not the problem. I am worried, though, that fascist forces in the US (and elswhere) will exploit this current pandemic to further their agenda. We in the US have practically handed the government some of our rights that we will never get back, i.e. the Fourth Amendment. FEAR is the underlying reason that will make people comply. It’s a thin line between compliance and rational. My hope is that people are mindful of the ugly intentions fascism brings.

Yeah, I posted a link to a story in another CD thread on Harper’s Bar in East Lansing yesterday.
I’m worried for my mother’s sake – 84, pretty frail, used to an active social life. Damn.

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I live in a red area of California, and our sheriff already announced he won’t be enforcing any mask mandate. Ditto for the Board of Sups. It’s just stupidity masquerading as “rights” at this point. Wearing a mask when you are in a store is what, 30-40 minutes of inconvenience, tops? It’s bafflingly stupid and I blame Trump and FOX for turning a minor inconvenience into a left vs right political argument.

Please ----at least 90% of people in Calif are following guild lines

The news media leave out Calif------Calif is the state that started the lockdown and has not let up-------yet numbers are spiking in Calif-----Calif was about 5th in reported cases-----Calif is now second just behind NY----and I am sure at some point Calif will be number one .

Just like winter —people lock themselves in with heat----these states Calif, Arz, Tx, Fl,—people lock themselves in with air conditioning.

I am in bank of america at 10:30 am -----one teller(and there were 4 other people acting like they were doing something)the line is going out the door------many people were screaming what are you doing—one a man who looked 90-----so for an hour I stand in a line were the people all around me could be infected.

Just like----let’s open late and close early so people are all crowded together-----are they trying to spread it or contain it???

Not in my area, unfortunately. It’s worse in places like Sutter and Yuba counties, where people are acting like this is all a nothing burger.

I am so very sorry to read this about your mother. Is there any way for her to be removed from the situation until it’s calmed down? And the mental issues for so many are even more severe than the disease itself. We’ll all have PTSD when this is over…


Agreed. I wonder if anyone or any group has standing to sue the specific perps on Fox and other media peddling the lies. Can the Dump be sued?

I just don’t know, but it’s bad.

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