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More States Put Economies at Risk by Attacking Transgender Community


More States Put Economies at Risk by Attacking Transgender Community

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Ignoring how North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ HB2 cost the state millions in lost revenue and jobs—while tarnishing its reputation nationwide—conservative lawmakers in at least six states are issuing their own salvos against the transgender community with similar "bathroom bills" whose "


Alle Hagel Drumpf, der neue Führer der Vierte Reich.


Dan Patrick of Texas is a sociopath who will say and do anything to further himself. It is a good thing that a majority of Texans who vote do not have critical minds or read anything. This allows an attorney general who is indicted for securities fraud to continue his right wing agenda and a governor who made millions on a personal injury lawsuit to reduce the amount that can be sued for the same suit to be lowered to around 300 thousand to be elected.


"Conservatives" - a gross misnomer. A better description would be "far-right fringe". The far-right fringe, so vogue in regressive states, hate us for our freedoms. In fact, the republican party is a domestic terrorist organization bent on the destruction of American governance and culture, to substitute their own twisted version of an American "calip-hate" (with the emphasis on hate). Send every republican to Idaho, and then build a wall around the state.


Since I am a shameful ex-native (I claim Colorado as home, having 18 years there), now living in the very middle of red state Tejas, I was amazed to see with did not reach the top 10 idiot states.

This is Rebel Flag----Don't tread.on me flag---AR-15 my right from God above----the USA flag--all in the four truck bed post holes, waving in the wind, revving at light with a 1978 F150 camo mod low carbon footprint truck.
Top 9 0f 10 stupidest states went drumpf

10). Idaho
9). Indiana
8). Oklahoma
7). Alabama
6). Nevada
5). Louisiana
4). Kentucky
3). Arkansas
2). Mississippi
1). West Virginia


online translations suck:

Heil Drumpf, der neue Fuehrer des Vierten Reichs.

Hagel is hail (as in ice falling down from the sky) in German, plus the case is wrong in "der Vierte Reich". At least get someone who speaks German next time to proofread before posting crap like this.


Dan Patrick is Lieutenant Governor. Maybe you should do some research before you comment. Research usually has much better results than "as far as I hear."


I must agree. But why the anger? As they say, "You know what I mean."


Actually i do know what you mean.

The US is not "Das Vierte Reich", neither is Trump the new Hitler or Mussolini. I just don't get why all this propaganda is being pushed and what the ultimate goal is. There's about a million legal immigrants coming to the US every year, plus the countless illegal ones crossing burning deserts or rough seas to get to the US. Whoever pushes this crap (and it's all over the place), really thinks is anyone cares?