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More States Sue to Block Trump's "Muslim Ban By Another Name"


More States Sue to Block Trump's "Muslim Ban By Another Name"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

At least three more states are suing President Donald Trump over his new travel ban, as Washington state—whose legal action suspended the original executive order—said Thursday that it would renew its request to block the revised one.


Once again it is the white nationalists against American values as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Where does it say in those documents that the US must be a Christian nation? Or a nation dominated by a white majority? Trump and gang are trying to destroy the very core of America and in its ashes erect a country for white Christians.


A 'Constitutional' criminal from Day one, this man is hell bent on disrespecting our system of law to fit his goals of financial greed, environmental destruction, and religious and racial hatred.

It is clear that Evil exists in human form.


May the resistance grow into a General Strike followed by total, rolling non cooperation!


Each day, the curtain
is pulled back
farther and farther.

More and more people
see the truth
long obscured.

The glass will darken
and the curtain closed again

But glimmers remain.


I always wondered what an American version of Hitler would look like- now I know. Instead of a mad dog , he's a stand-up comic in a Las Vegas night club.


If you want to ban something, ban fracking, ban water pollution, ban billionaires from holding public office.