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'More Testing, Not More Bombs': 29 House Democrats Demand Cuts to Pentagon Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/more-testing-not-more-bombs-29-house-democrats-demand-cuts-pentagon-budget


“War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing say it again!” Make love not war! War is just an excuse for deranged white men to try and boost their egos! Save our country, save our planet, we have nowhere else to go. Peace


The imperium sails along, with minor domestic opposition, through thick and thin, through pandemics and “normalcy.”


Did they clear this little temper tantrum with Nancy and Tom Perez first?
Let me know when they are willing to withhold their votes on further defense spending, and when they call for Nancy Pelosi’s resignation.
I’ll be over here, not holding my breath.


Common Dreams’ headline advertises twenty-nine (29) House Democrats… making a “demand.”

Let’s say I take this headline at face value: These Democrats, including the much ballyhooed Squad, aren’t just showboating, they’re applying real pressure to their leadership, making an actual demand…

Wow! That’s slightly more than 12% of House Democrats! – and nearly 30% of the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus!

Why, this represents a veritable tidal wave of anti-war, pro-healthcare Dems crashing toward the party’s leadership with powerfully-worded Tweets! What a bold stand to take during the worst global pandemic in over a century! No wonder over 12% of House Democrats took such courageous “action!”

Kaloo kalay, the day is ours!

(End sarcasm. Time to rant…)

The real takeaway: The Congressional “Progressive” Caucus that’s used the global health emergency to bail out the investor class and billionaires – following the lead of their “Mama Bear” (and Papa Bear, Donald Trump, who’re always publicly arguing, but working together behind closed doors, such an entertaining “circus” for the masses!) – apparently need to make some progressive-sounding noises while refusing to seriously challenge their party’s leadership or criticize its rapey, warmongering dementia-patient of a candidate… a nightmarish reflection of the man we hope to replace.

And Common Dreams’ Andrea Germanos is apparently in the business of promoting these obvious charlatans! To be fair, this article is basically what I’ve come to expect from so many staff writers, here at CD – I don’t mean to single out Ms. Germanos (as this is far from the most shameful example of this type of hagiographic “journalism” from CD).

But if Common Dreams’ editorial staff occasionally made a concession or two to its readership – respecting the much-upvoted views of many of your top-rated contributors here, from Joan Robinson to Kaylie to Skeptic Tank to Dara, and beyond – their product would be vastly improved. Their readership could be much expanded. They might actually threaten to make a difference!

Common Dreams might even deign to publish the excellent work of Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Caitlin Johnstone, Eva Bartlett, Ray McGovern, Seymour Hersh, and other adversarial, independent, award-winning journalists – instead of giving a considerable platform to so many “Blue No Matter Who” sheepherders and over-privileged aristocrats with political advice from the 1990s, the oligarchy’s tame “liberals.”

There’s already a DailyKos and a Huffington Post and a Mother Jones and MSNBC, Common Dreams. Why not do more to distinguish yourselves? You could do a postmortem of your Russiagate coverage, for instance… and Ukraine-gate. You could even allow some discussion of the corruption of U.S. elections, rated the worst in the Western World in a Harvard/University of Sydney study.

Thank you, Common Dreams, for publishing Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, and a number of other quality journalists and intelligent, independent voices.

But we all know that you can do better.


Yes please contribute to Common Dreams so they can do better. I have been on the net since windows 95 and I can tell you from my perspective, Common Dreams has some of the most perspicacious, politically savvy, and most informed, and progressive commentators on the net.

Yes CD can do better and my pet peeve is they have been gatekeepers about 9/11 because they never publish any alternative 9/11 theories, but having said that some people say it is because of some kind of broadcast license intimidation; nonetheless, whether true or not… I support CD financially now and will continue to do in the future.

  1. 29 Democrats! Why isn’t it ALL House Democrats? What in the hell is wrong with these people? It’s time for all of us to badger, bullyrag, harass, intimidate, and otherwise "influence the rest of the Dems to begin dismantling the over-blown military budget. We don’t need to spend more than 6 combined countries–with China included in that 6. The absurdity of that is it really isn’t defensive, it’s offensive; figuratively and literally.

With an egregious, war budget of $738,000,000,000.00 and probably clandestinely closer to a trillion $$$$, it is very good if you are a war profiteer!


Barbara Lee is my kinda gal. And of course the Pentagon budget is total B.S. Who wants a world that supports more war? Only the foolish and deranged if you ask me.

Yes, more money for taking care of each other and less for killing each other.


“House Democrats Demand”…HA! What constitutes a demand, a single person requesting politely to an unsympathetic audience? House Democrats cannot demand anything, hell they’ve got Mafia in the white house and senate and they cannot do anything. How democrats think they are they going to get something from that crowd is hard to imagine.


This, in a nutshell, is the real problem.

How did this thread go from defense budget cutting to denouncing democrats yet again. Did I wander onto a right-wing site by mistake?
I guess we never waste an opportunity here. Sure democrats are cowardly in the aggregate, but there are other topics.


Who wants a world that wants more war?
Do you want me to list the Corporotocracy in alphabetical order? Starting with Boeing…?
How about listing them by state? Starting with Alabama…?
How about listing them by county; with large naval, air and army bases within their boundaries…?
How about by Unions who give $$$, by the hardhat full, to the Democratic… er, The UniParty Consensus & Fellowship of Back Scratchers?
How about by Universities receiving funding from the DoD starting with Arizona, California…whoops, forgot Annapolis.
This gets harder, all the cross-referencing is really overheating my banks of computers. Time to buy myself another Cray?


Hi x1jodonn:

I read the people you mentioned too, and I bet a lot of people who read Common Dreams read them too. Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Caitlin Johnstone, and Ray McGovern, plus Consortium News too., Pro Publica, and the Nation It seems that you want Common Dreams to be more—so I hope that you donate to them. But–I don’t mind roving around the internet for different writers-----------because after all, no one publication can be all things to all people. Shouldn’t you know that?

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You really think the Pentagon is going to let the coronavirus kill more people than they do?


No Sh*t!?!

It’s not “defense” spending. Say it. It’s war-profiteering, war mongering. Who is attacking us? Who are “we” (eg., the Pentagon, truly satanic) threatening with war games, carrier groups, missiles, bombers, subs, world-wide? It is insane, psychotic, criminal, suicidal: it’s not “defense” spending. It’s Full Spectrum Dominance, at home as well as abroad.


I never said it could, but Common Dreams errs on the side of blatant, partisan censorship and shilling for the status quo (Divide & Conquer “journalism”).

CD consistently degrades its progressive mission by refusing to challenge state-approved narratives, with regard to Syrian “WMD” attacks, Russiagate, and the neoconservative takeover of the Democratic Party – which has spent the last three+ years either giving Trump everything he wants or attacking him from the far-right with neo-McCarthyite B.S. (moving us ever-closer to WWIII).

Common Dreams is an important hub for progressives, with much to recommend it, so it’s a shame that they mostly work for the duopoly, making other news sources (like the ones we’ve both mentioned) absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to be truly informed.

Anyone getting all their news from CD is being woefully underserved… and propagandized, thanks to an editorial policy worthy of cable news and the rest of the “news” hucksters out there.

That’s the substance of my complaint – not that they can’t be my one-stop shop for all things newsworthy. That’s an expectation that no single news outfit could meet… though pre-corruption (pre-2016) Democracy Now! came damn close!

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Hi x1jodonn:
LOL, Divide and Conquer "journalism? That’s what I think of the NYTimes and the Washington Post! : ) Anyone getting ALL their news from one source is in a sad mental state—as people don’t often agree on what the descriptive “word,” definitions can be. News, real news is disappearing as media is contracting away into nothingness—except BIG papers like the NY Times and the Post----------but when you see that "unfairness,"in a piece, do you write about that complaint when you see it? That would help me understand what you are seeing and reading, as I don’t agree with everything I read here either----but then , maybe that’s just my temperament—as I tend toward being a wiseass. ; )

The CIA controls the editorial boards of major dailies. You know this. This is about banking tax free war profits in Amsterdam, sending soldiers to die and demanding patriotism. It is chemically bombing countries with no navy, no air force, no missile system or aerial defenses to fight back who never fired a bullet at the US and our government tells us the dead are the psychopaths. Not so. You know this. Trump is the insane fascist. Trump is the decider and the Pentagon is death on a stick. You can’t be no man from thirty grand. The names of the victims change but most of it, not so much. Barbarism while demanding allegiance with a flyover for a Prince of Peace. Everything is upside down. Check this out. I’m reading about Puritans, who didn’t bathe by the way, liked to rope ladies who were too uppity to stools and then dip them backward into cold water, Witches. NO. Women with brains but the Puritans reasoned if the Witch drowns then God chose not to save her because she’s a Witch and if she lives she must be a Witch to survive so the Puritans killed her any way. Today we have graduated the “stool-dippers” to waterboarding heroes. What a world. Trump and Republicans must go!! We answered the call and got ourselves in a terrible jam, way down yonder in Viet Nam so don’t put down your books or pick up your guns and maybe you won’t have a whole lotta fun in a desert or a jungle. The graves and war crimes are endless. Demand a Pentagon investigation to black money and projects and how the CIA funnels cash. Did we see them burn the poppies? NO they ain’t burning no stinking poppies. To kill the beast, take the money. peace.