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More Than 1,200 IBEW Members Call on Union Leadership to Retract Biden Endorsement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/18/more-1200-ibew-members-call-union-leadership-retract-biden-endorsement

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This is great news. There needs to be a political revolution in the unions.


As someone who worked in the electrical field for 30 years, I stand with the 1,200 who are smart enough to know a better way when they see it.

Weak dinosaurs are doomed for the tarpits.


Much ado about nothing. Biden’s finished. Let them waste their endorsement.


“Weak dinosaurs…” I like that analogy.


Agreed. When Biden drops out, they should swing their endorsement to whom their members want. It would be good publicity for Bernie if they have a vote and have to switch the endorsement to Bernie now though. That’s unlikely to happen, I know.


Which part of Maine are you from? From a child my parents took us north to Maine more than any other state.

When I die, I’d gladly crawl off in the north woods, and find Nirvana.

Perhaps some Led Zeppelin too.


Grew up in Western Mountain area, but live in Southern Maine now. I do go north to the Moosehead Lake and Rangeley areas whenever I get a chance to hunt and fish. Ha, ha, I have had the same idea of crawling off into the Maine wilderness as a final resting place; no place I’d rather be. Thanks for the reply.

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And so it Begins.

It is called Momentum and it cannot be stopped even though the Millionaires, Billionaires and the Media are vehemently opposed to Creating an Equitable Society for ALL Americans.



The IBEW members I know are “libertarians” or republicans - similar to the Carpenters and Joiners and Steamfitters, who will endorse Trump this year. Most of the construction-related trades are a hopeless cause. I used to know some operating engineers who were fairly left - but that was many years ago. Even the black-majority Laborers are pretty much “centrist”.

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“Even the black-majority Laborers are pretty much ‘centrist’.”

“Even” blacks get on board unions’ frequent siding w/establishment Democrats?

If they’re older, that simply fits the political profile of older Dem’s in general - including African Americans.

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“When Biden drops out, they should swing their endorsement to whom their members want. It would be good publicity for Bernie if they have a vote and have to switch the endorsement to Bernie now.”

  1. Sounds like members were given false assurances of union respect for democratic will - and so were blindsided by the endorsement. (Whether they should have been blindsided is another q.)

  2. But arguably there’s an upside:

a) The minuscule 0.17 percent trying to militate for union democracy and Sanders has time to build support for Sanders and exposure of Bloomberg’s extremely anti-labor positions as Biden likely sinks; and

b) to the extent the union’s life-support endorsement of Biden extends his exhausted campaign - it really sounds like the union apparatus just hasn’t been able to process his deterioration, and is advancing him as a ‘safe bet establishment’ candidate - it slows an establishment consolidation around Bloomberg, extending Biden’s run-down run splits the establishment vote and thus strengthens Sanders.

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This rift may come down to the state labor laws each IBEW council/local operates under. Where the money comes from ( federal, state, local ) and the terms of the general contact and the general contractor, etc. Just follow the $$$ and the states where it’s spent in, pretty much here.
Pensioners are counted in the 775K numbers?
The IBEW not liking the Green New Deal may follow the same framework as the type of work rules and what type of new work/jobs; also the emphasis placed on the meaning of " sustainable energy ". What’s the energy source, too. What the electric grid nationally will look like, as well. Very complicated politics all the way around, imo.

Union leadership won’t hold a vote because the rank-and-file in the IBEW would vote for Trump.


Reversing the story from 2016 where the Union ‘Leadership’ endorsed Clinton and the rank-and-file endorsed Bernie. There needs to be better checks an balances on the leadership of unions and Political Parties. what we’ve been doing AIN’T working

Good on the IBEW members for ‘straightening out’ the Leadership

Possibly. It’s why I said the politics is complicated and I asked if the pensioners were included in the 775K #.
I’ve known quite a few IBEW members. Some who " went deceased " long before collecting a dime of SS, Medicare, etc. Very dangerous work if you’re a true broad back, as well.
" The higher you go the better it pays ". Again, high risk and high rewards.

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> Agreed. When Biden drops out,

As he always does…

**ByeDone ** was only there to srcew Bernie, the only candidate working for the 99%, anyway.
He failed and now that have the Billionaire Republican with Obama (the traitorous war criminal) propping him up.


Only 1,200 in a 775,999 member union (0.15%) object to backing Biden ahead of Sanders for 2020?
Given such apathy I am tempted to say rank & file members deserve such poor leadership from their union. If the members aren’t interested enough to grasp a gift opportunity to help themselves then they will never achieve social wage justice.

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REAL Clear Politics 02,18,20

Sanders 27.3
Biden 16.5
Bloomberg 15.8
Warren 12.8
Buttigieg 10.8
Klobuchar 6.8
Sanders +10.8

With “apologies” to @SkepticTank
Bernie was 7.0 about 4 hours ago! in this poll

and let’s also note this:
Thing is, this is still the Primaries and the POS (Mikey) has not had any debates, town halls, or press conferences. He’s running on pure propaganda that he controls. That is the ultimate in fascist BS.

And what happens when Warren drops out and most of her people migrate to Bernie?

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The unions were stronger when they were run by the mob. The corporate sellouts running the AFL-CIO, UAW, UMW and Culinary Workers Union are more corrupt than Jackie Presser or Salvatore Battaglia ever were. [There is a lot of doubt that the unions were actually run by organized crime but was simply the excuse used by Raygun and the FBI to begin the destruction of unions, especially the Teamsters.]