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More Than 1,200 IBEW Members Call on Union Leadership to Retract Biden Endorsement

Yeah! This is more like it.

Sadly probably true. The “libertarian” IBEW member I know considers the union to be just an organization providing him a service (most notably right now, a nice retirement and healthcare) for a fee. No different than the AAA or the AARP or GEICO or something.

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Klobachur will go out before Warren. Where do her votes go? Warren and Bloomberg, likeliest bet.

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Sadly, Warren’s voters will not flock to Bernie.
If he got half of them, I’d be happy.
A lot will drift over to GoSlobuchar, a few to MonotoneMike.

As for Mike, he’s grabbing votes from the imploding Byedone – tonight’s debate suddenly matters.
Liz is imploding as well, she could drop out as soon as S Carolina after two more 4th places.

Mayo Pete may limp along with some 3rd/4th place finishes now that non-vanilla primaries are on deck.
But if/when he starts consistently not making the top three, he’s in trouble.

And a reality check for Bernie: he needs to poll higher than 40% after Super Tuesday.
And he needs to have a chat with Barack Obama to remind him that Repubs called him a socialist too.


Agreed. The number of Klobuchar supporters likely to go to Bernie is between 0 and 0.00.

Like the US population in general, the union members are likely mostly not paying attention or don’t care about the primaries. It is likely, if it went out to a union vote, that more than 1200 would vote for Bernie. Still, I agree with you that they get what they deserve, as do the rest of us, if not interested enough to pay attention and vote accordingly.

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She has based her campaign on incremental changes. Her repertoire is also based on a tone of moderation and Biden’s " reaching across " the aisle.
Sen. Sanders choice for VP will be from the House of Representatives, possibly. Midwest-Pocan?

I don’t think there is any way that Bernie can nominate a VP who is not female. My choice is Tulsi, although I don’t agree with her on everything, I think she would be a good “soldier” for Bernie’s policies. And as I have said here before, it would be wise for Bernie to have a VP that the CIA/MIC would less like to see as president, should they get any ideas about eliminating Sanders.

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I’m more on the legislative side than The Alphabet’s dastardly monkeywrenchin’ side.
Sen. Baldwin of Wisconsin or Congresswoman Bass from California may be an ally Sanders can work with. They are solid legislators with ground up experience.
Who really knows?

I actually think that Bernie will not be in any special focus tonight.
Instead, Bloomberg has sucked all the air out of who is sitting in the hot seat.
If Bernie plays it firm but cool, he should maneuver past tonight.

After that, my big concerns are turn out and Bernie hitting those NV poll numbers.

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Union bosses on fat salaries quite often seem to cross to the other side and screw their members - the ones who pay their salaries! Bernie 2020!

Do you mean ‘repeating the story’ rather than reversing it?