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More Than 100,000 Americans Vow to Hit Streets in Mass Protest If Trump Fires Mueller


More Than 100,000 Americans Vow to Hit Streets in Mass Protest If Trump Fires Mueller

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Our response in the minutes and hours following a power grab will dictate what happens next, and whether Congress will do anything to stand up to Trump."


Add my wife and I to that list.


Good God! If they haven’t “reigned” in this idiot tool by now it is because he is passing their hideously mean spirited agenda. I’ll sign up and help organize a total, rolling, non cooperation.


Effective only if ongoing until trump is forced from office. A paltry 100,000? This is going to take millions. And the revolt must be accompanied by general strikes and local protests at the offices of the republican scum who voted for the measure. It likely won’t take too long since, like trump, his enablers are a bunch of cowards, and this includes the neocon establishment democrats who continue to drag the progressive movement down by refusing to confront trump and his policies except after the fact (Booker, Gillibrand, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Perez, Wasserman-Schultz, Brazille, Cuomo, etc., to start). To hell with all of these elitist bastards. Out with them and to the blocks they all should go. Arise ye the just.


The media game seems to be the KellyAnn/BigBannon version of media bullshittery . It seems to be a form of glossolalia: syntax in the absence of meaning. The prevalence of this is now a mass form of what was coming out her mouth earlier in the year. This woman is not a counsellor, she is a verbal alimentary tract seeking non sequitur triggers for her ‘hot mess’.

The question is, why is authoritarianism the default these days?


Let’s give them a choice: Gallows or Guillotine.


Authoritarianism is just a consequence of the situation our country finds itself in at this time in history.

An imbecile Reality TV Host/Real Estate Swindler/Greedy Four Year Old Bully, who finds himself in charge of the most Hate filled Republican party who controls both houses of Congress, and pictures himself as King of the World with all of the little green army men to himself, has these delusions of grandeur which lead his tiny little brain to believe that, “He’s the Boss” of everyone.


More Faux News lies. There is no legal basis for most of what they claim. If Trump fires Mueller or pardons Flynn or Kushner, it will lead to a constitutional question of law and legal crisis that the Republicans will not want to deal with because it would affect the stock market and the economy. The markets needs certainty worse than they ever did. That is what this tax bill is all about, giving certainty to the markets. They won’t tolerate antics like firing Mueller. Trump would be crossing a line that would even make his own party impeach him. Besides, he is going to sign their big tax legislation and after that he will not be very useful to them. They would much rather have the establishment candidate Pence in there who would provide a lot more certainty than Trump will be able to from here on out.


And while American anti-Trump fanatics are focused on him, the Congress is passing a tax cut for billionaires. Americans, get you heads out of your asses and wake up. It’s not Trump – it’s the system, beginning with Congress.


I too sense that something is afoot and about to explode during the holiday season. Trump will move against Mueller’s investigation because the money trail leads to him personally, and he cannot do otherwise than to double down, in time to hopefully avoid a Democratic congress.

Our only hope is that the drama drags out well into the new year, and the mid-term election season kicks in, say by May. Only then will fear grip the GOP enough to act in the national interest. Folks, between now and May is our time to make ourselves count, to throw our bodies onto the gears, and bring evil doers to a screeching halt.


This makes me sick.
Are 100,000 Americans signed up to protest the tax bill, or ending net neutrality, or fracking and fossil fuel subsidies, or our hand in genocide in Yemen, all forms of war profiteering and a nuclear up-armament, assassin drones, corporate-funded political campaigns or a bought-off congress? No, they’re concerned about keeping an investigation into no evidential crime on life-support, maybe because they see that there is no hope for any opposition Party free of indentured servitude to capitalism, so they think they have no other option for opposition to Trump.
They’re chasing phantoms, with no vision for what really matters …only for what they want.
When they mass protest for peace, I’ll join them.


100,000? In a country of, what, 350 million? Increase that by a factor of 100 and you might be getting somewhere The UK has seen bigger political demonstrations than that, with one-sixth of the population


Sign up anyway. The link is in the second paragraph of the article. Caveat: We should have put at least that many in the streets for net neutrality, and again for the tax bill. MoveOn is really pretty timid and always has been. And where are the Socialists who were so visible fifteen years ago in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq?


Not before I get a chance to drill their kneecaps first… just like the Irish Republican Army used to do!