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More Than 100 Mayors Sign Open Internet Pledge as FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal Set to Take Effect


More Than 100 Mayors Sign Open Internet Pledge as FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal Set to Take Effect

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In direct response to the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) December vote to repeal net neutrality protections, more than 100 mayors nationwide have now signed a pledge vowing to defend the open inter


Where the hell is Ed Markey getting his #'s from ? If 82% of repug’s., were in favor of net neutrality, we would have the votes to overturn this.
Expect to see state laws passed to overrule neutrality in cities that favor it. The peoples voice and ability to organize are being taken away, that’s what this is all about.


What makes you think that will happen?


What a nice way to tell you internet neutrality is dead.


ReconFire is absolutely correct on this one. The easier question is what makes you think that it won’t. The vast preponderance of evidence seems to point that way. .


Divide and conquer techniques always on the fast track out of the district of criminals. They lay awake at night scheming to rip all freedom away from the people.


How is it dead? States are passing laws and we are fighting in the Courts. Your defeatism makes me want to encourage violent revolution. People have discouraged me of that. So I’m trying really hard to be optimistic.


Actually there is a preponderance of evidence that the opposite is happening with state laws and executive orders reinstating net neutrality.


FWIW (essentially zip), my internet service began slowing and becoming erratic almost on the day the FCC vote was announced. This has happened before, notably on the day a couple of years ago when AT&T was fined a few mil (chump change to a large corporation) for having done exactly the same thing when it was NOT explicitly legal.

Note the double whammy: Assuming I’m not imagining or making it up, AT&T gave some of its customers less than what they had paid for. Somehow they got caught and somehow they were given a slap on the wrist. The day the fine is announced other telecoms do the same thing in protest. It is neither reported nor prosecuted. Then we go through a lengthy charade of explicitly outlawing the action, just before a new president is SElected in a clearly tainted process for which there is no official investigation. The new president appoints a new FCC chair, recently the CEO of a major telecom, who is easily confirmed by the Senate. He immediately moves to nullify the recently passed rule, in effect pardoning the miscreants for what they had been doing all along.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but is it just possible that the coup we have all been so worried about, the coup that soon-to-be Justice Lewis Powell urged in the infamous Powell Memo of 1971, has already occurred, years or perhaps decades ago?


Where is the public response …

IF they can end net neutrality, what can we do?

Why not pull the plug on cable if this happens?


My defeatism is the reason you want revolution? Very strange but however you get there is fine with me. Optimism in a time of despotism isn’t going to work very well. I am not defeatist, I am merely a realist. If you want change you need to seek out other methods then voting and relying on the courts. If that sounds radical…it is because it is. That is the truth my friend.


So is violence the only solution to You? People are too stupid, lazy and complacent with Rule of Law to make a new Reign of Terror Revolution. The ballot box and the Courts are all that we have that enough people actually use.


Then we are doomed.


Is violence the answer?


… the delay is actually a strategic move designed to buy time for Republicans in Congress to pass “a bogus net neutrality law” that they say will resolve the conflict between the telecommunications industry and consumers, “but whose real intention is to pre-empt tougher state laws, and block the FCC’s 2015 rules from being restored in the wake of a possible court loss.”

Just like GMO labeling.