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More Than 150 Killed, Dozens Injured After Gunmen Open Fire on Egyptian Mosque


More Than 150 Killed, Dozens Injured After Gunmen Open Fire on Egyptian Mosque

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The attack was described as one of the deadliest to strike the region in years


Can someone please explain the motive and politics behind this insanity?
Who has it in for the Sufi’s and why?


Cheney Akbar! /s


This heinous attack on adherents of Sufi Islam is part of the religious war perpetrated by extremist killers/destroyers who believe the most repressive, constipated, and extreme narrow doctrines/dogma of Islam - people so restricted and manipulated in thought by others they kill and destroy to enforce their extremist views - they are thus the enemy of all. Religion can be the most destructive force on Earth or a teacher of contemplative thought - it all depends who interprets and who believes.

“Jalaluddin Rumi - Sufi scholar, writer and poet, is one of the most famous masters in the history of Islam. Not only that his poetries are wide acclaimed, but his teachings are also very much inspiring and far-reaching. He teaches unconditional acceptance, tolerance, patience, love, compassion, and benevolence - Rumi’s teaching encompasses the common values of all religions” - as well as non-dogmatic, “non-religious” thought.

In generosity and helping others: be like the river
In compassion and grace: be like the sun.
In concealing others’ faults: be like the night.
In anger and fury: be like the dead.
In modesty and humility: be like the soil.
In tolerance: be like the ocean.
Either you appear as you are, or: be as you appear." - Jalaluddin Rumi

A BBC reporter this morning called the Sufi mosque attackers “militants” - that is a deceit/misnomer that distorts the truth, the attackers/murderers are terrorists plain and simple by any definition!

The hatred and destruction of such terrorist acts of ignorance and intolerance can/will never overcome the love the Sufi poet/teacher Rumi inspires.


My guess is the Wahhabi. The Sufis teach and practice peace, love, understanding, tolerance, learning from others and respecting their beliefs.
*The Wahhabi are the Muslim equivalent of “Christian” Southern Baptists. Narrow minded, intolerant of any other beliefs, and cruel and vicious when the opportunity presents itself.
*My heart cries out for the world.


Yea, verily yea! Thank you!


Thanks mini!
I somehow didn’t make the connection between the Sufi’s and the Great Rumi…
If these terrorists will attack the followers of Rumi, then no-one is safe-
What A crazy world we live in…
And my heart also cries out for the world.


I remember reading that when Rumi died, religious leaders and scholars of ALL religions attended his funeral- What A righteous and beautiful Man he was…
What A terrible tragedy for the Sufi’s…
Thanks for this Emphyrio-


**Excellent! **


I can remember many years ago being invited and visiting a Sufi temple in the East bay. It wasn’t a big thing then and for me an exploration. They were really fun with dancing, music, and truly generous people. It is a unique cosmology. I could never imagine an enemy for this. How very sad.


Thanks for this. Though disappointed of late in much that CD does and lets happen, I don’t know what other site might have filled in this bit of unknown (to me) information. I also see now that I incorrectly referenced Suffism some months ago. Hope I live long enough to make all the apologies that are due.


First remember that within every religious denomination there are all sorts of members. Most people claimed by a religion don’t care that much about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. They sometimes show up for the coffee and little cookies served after the service. “Do we have to go?!”

That said, 21st Christianity and modern Islam equally have a nasty leaning toward (A) the worship of extreme violence to enforce whatever the country’s financial leadership wants, and (B) the near-worship of money. I recognize that these amoral values are driven almost entirely by the money-grubbing oligarchs who rule their respective nations, but in practice lots of people’s jobs depend on their worshiping these demonic values, and in the end the hired leaderships of many of the various denominations are coerced quite effectively into line by the parishioners. That, in my opinion, is how Jesus the healer, Jesus the Prince of Peace, Jesus who was innocently tortured on the Cross on behalf of all the innocent people following Him, gets repackaged into Jeezus the god of one hundred dirty little wars of economic opportunity for the world’s richest people.

If you haven’t ever been told this, Muslims are a variant of Christians. If it’s in the Bible it’s probably in the Koran. When Christians attack Muslims they attack other people who revere Jesus of Nazareth, who think highly of Jerusalem in part because Jesus reportedly ascended to Heaven from Jerusalem.

Muslims have a deep contempt for charging interest on loans, and this comes out of their faith. How the Christians got around this disdain for money we’ll never know. In any case, whenever you have fabulously wealthy 21st century Muslims funny stuff happens, so maybe our own country’s Evangelical billionaires aren’t so unusual. What big money molds Christianity into is the fanatical worship of a bunch of details that in the end don’t matter too much, combined with the anti-Christian adherence to the stuff that really does matter.

Here’s another way of saying it: in any struggle there are really strong allies who are so good that they craft good legislation for you, there are also merely ok allies and then there are ten cent allies whose heart might be in the right place but boy are these guys ignorant and blundering. Maybe now you understand the existence of Christians and Muslims who somehow don’t remember the half of it.

Well, Al Qaeda are trying to be Muslim except for the part about kidnapping good people and selling them into slavery, the part about being opium mobsters and the part about randomly killing Christians and Jews (and Muslims) and expecting Muhammad to be on their side on Judgment Day,

The Sufis think of themselves as Muslims. So do the Kurds. So do the Azidi Muslims. So do the Shiites. But, in the name of purity of the faith, this particular band of strict Sunnis wants to kill or enslave the infidels.

In fairness, the US CIA’s fingerprints are all over this region. as are Israel’s prints.


Thank You for this timely, in depth explanation-
I honestly don’t understand the Middle East as well as I should for my years- It is all so confusing, but once you get some grip on the all encompassing factions of the Muslim sects it becomes easier-
If the CIA and Israeli’s were somehow in on this, as you suspect, then I wish them to rot in HELL-


No evidence that this was a CIA conspiracy. Just religious fundamentalism.


Slavery is an accepted practice in the Koran and the Bible.


Afghanistan was predominantly Sufi.


Interesting…So the Sufi, being pacifists were dominated by the Taliban?
I do know that the Russian occupation drove the country into splinter factions…


The attackers flew the flag of Isis, who are based in Sinai, and who have stated earlier in the year that Sufi’s are ‘legitimate targets’ because they follow a corrupt brand of Islam. Previously, they mainly massacred chuches of coptic Christians in the region who they have said are their ‘favourite’ targets. As for the motives, well, they’re hateful fuck-ups who are able to transcend normal human morality which most of us (apart from pyschopaths) have as part of our psychology from an early age, because they have a mandate to do so from the imaginary God they believe in, pretty much like anyone who follows any bullshit religion all over the planet. You may as well say, why was there a Spanish Inquisition, why did the catholics massacre the peaceful, vegetarian, cathars in medieval France. An alternative answer is because they are humans and, if history is anything to go by, it seems to be what we do a lot of.


You left out the Israeli’s-
What was the Mossad’s motto? “By way of deception thou shalt do War”…
Religious fundamentalism???


Thank You Hobgoblin!